Wishing wall

With Sky Trail, Wartune just added another gamble to the game. I don't want to go into detail about sky trail strategy. I want to discuss the rewards you can get by using the horns.

The trick about horns is that you can use all of them for free, or you can use balens to flip additional cards and have higher chance to get the rare loots. First of all, here is a table of 500 horns used for free. As you can see, mahra and sepulcrum are the super-common loots, star tear shard4, celestial stone, star sand4 are the uncommon ones, star sand 10, 20 and will crystal are rare.
First, let's check the usefulness of these items.
Mahra, sepulcrum: nics goodies, worth about 10 balens each.
Celestial stone. Totally useless trash.
Star tear, star sand. You will need 1000 star sand, and 10 star tears (either found as S reward in sky trials, or made from 50 star tear shards) to upgrade your purple+ sylph. Can't really assign balen value to these yet, we don't even know when the sylph upgrade is added to the game.
will crystal. Now this is the real loot. Will crystals make your toon really stronger (see in detail here), so this is a goodie you should consider spending balens on.

As you can see, the only reason why you should consider spending balens is to get more will crystals. You have 2 options: never spend balens, or keep flipping cards until you hit a will crystal. If you get 6 free horn per day like me, you get 180 horns per month, which will yield you 10x60 will crystals shards per month. On the other hand, if you spend balens, you will get 35x60, but it will cost you 26,250 balens:

So, in a month, you can have either +11% damage for free, or +21% for 26250 balens.

I do not say you should spend so much money. What I say: with also spending an average of 150 balens on jewel hunt each day, and buying orange maps when there is a hot event for it, you can easily spend 300+ USD per month, while getting +1 BR or more per every 10 balen spent.
You can spend a LOT of money on this game and still gain a good BR ratio.
Then why spend money on something which gives much worse BR? Like the current "Limited gem pack". A lvl 5 gem and 5 level 1-5 gems (mostly lvl 1) for 999 balens. Worth 133 balens using the calculations here. Don't fall into the sale traps. Don't forget, Wartune is not like the European customer-centered games like Doomlord. You have to be smart or you lose your car and your house :)

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