Wartune ignorant to player problems

Dear Readers, I'm very sorry for posting less lately. I have to admit that my enthusiasm for the game has decreased a lot. For a long time I had loyalty, even at hard times, but for any sentient being there is an amount of nerf he can bear. The late ones which came with last patch were even too much for me. I still play, but I spend much less time on the game, and I skip many things. I visit the game forums even less rarely. However, on topic has catched my eye, which I recommend to you as well:


It's started by a player who was so angry with his gems removed after the big gem exploit, that he requested VISA to refund all the money he spent on the game in the past 3 months. This forum topic has not one, but three very interesting facts.
1.) This guy have spent over 22000 (yes, twenty-two thousand) dollars - the cost of a Toyota Prius - in just 3 months on Wartune, after all nerfs, bugs, and his gems taken away. It is very scary that he is not alone, there must be a lot of such people around still. They really need to see a doctor.
2.) The second interesting fact is that VISA has refunded all the money he has spent. Ok, this is not so surprising as fact 1.) I knew paypal would do it, it seems your bank can pull this off as well. Good save, I hope others took his example who lost stuff and weren't compensated. Even when it results in his acount banned, and I am scared at just thinking how much he spent in the past 3 years, which he will never get back.
3.) But the most interesting, most shocking fact is that Kabam/7Roads didn't bother to check the logs, see how much the dude spent, and spend the 10-15 minutes to resolve his problem to avoid the chargeback. So tell me, how rich are these Chinese guys so they don't bother to spend 15 minutes to earn a Toyota Prius (or an item of equivalent value)? So rich? Or so stupid?

The story has a much more important lesson than the 3 points above. If the game devs ignore even their own money to such extreme, you can bet they will continue ignoring the players forever. If this forum topic didn't made you stop spending, then nothing will, ever. And you better know people still run around with hacked Odins and Thors. Wartune thinks that problems they ignore will cease to exist :)


  1. Well this shows R2 gives not a single F*** for his players, thats true. I would say that any person should spent in this game in a proper way if he/she wants to, but take this things into consideration first: 1)dont overspent, for the love of god, this is a game that can disapear at any day. 2) spent what you think you dont mind to lose, see it as an expenditure and not as an investment. Like when you buy a cofee, you pay, you drink and its gone.

  2. Agree with being fed up on the nerfs. The seperate chests required for the cloth and mounts was my first tipping point, but the newest nerf where you need the cloth set AND the mount to get the title is just too much. Making resources harder to get doesn't make me want to spend more to get them. In fact it does the opposite. I'm turned off by the money grab so I decide to not spend at all. I know you promised to continue to play to the individuals who donated to your Odin sylph. But as one of the individuals who donated, I will allow you to break that promise. Wartune isn't worth playing anymore. Just please give your blog followers one last final entry as a farewell before you quit.

    1. Or if the game gets closed. At this rate, I'm curious how much developers/publishers will keep the game that (I assume) gives them less and less profits each day.

  3. the game won't be closed because this type of news doesn't affect the RICH people...22k you say? thats like pocket change for them....Don't think wartune is the only game they are spending on...

    This is a chinese game and we are paying them in dollars which is lot more when u convert dollar to local currency...so the fact is even 10$ a month is enough to keep the game going and get rich quick...

    1. completely agree.
      so shameful.

      i do support hackers attack (IF they did really happen)