Cloth event analysis

As you know, the cloth system in Wartune will undergo a drastical change. There will be no more separate levels for each cloth, there will be only a combined cloth level. A level 1 cloth will worth 300 XP, a level 2 600 XP, a level 3 1200 XP etc. Cored and good luck charms will be 200 XP. Cosmos described the whole system perfectly, I don't want to repeat the detailed info you can find there. There is a cloth synth event currently going on. I just want to help you with the math: does it worth making items for this event, or just wait for the cloth changes?

Cost for making different levels of cloth
A level 2 cloth requires a level 1 cloth and a fashion core. Success chance is 100%. This cost you 500 cloth XP, and will yield you 600 - so you should make all your level 1 cloth into level 2 before patch, if nothing else.

A level 3 cloth can be made from 2 level 2 cloth. That's 1000 XP. if you don't use good luck charm, you have approx. 20% chance to fail. So actually it will cost 1250 XP. Or, you can use a good luck charm, in this case your cost will be 1200 XP. Also, you can use cores to upgrade the level 2 cloth. In this case, you need an average of 3 core for success: so your cost is 1100 XP. Obiously, this is the best method to make a lvl 3 cloth.

A lvl 4 cloth requires 2 x lvl 3 (2200 XP). Without good luck charm, your cost is 2200 x 1.25 = 2750. With 2 good luck charms, it's 2600. Using cores you have a very minimal chance, I don't recommend that at this level.

A lvl 5 will cost you 2 x lvl 4 (5200 XP). If you risk, with 20% fail chance your average cost will be 6500. With 4 good luck charms, it will be 6000 XP. It is surprising it is better to make with good luck charms? Well, before the new system, getting lvl 1 cloth was much easier than getting a luck charms. So in that case, you better risked. But now the situation has changed.

Cost to make lvl 6  is 13,600 XP, cost to make lvl 7 is 30,400, cost to make lvl 8 is 67,200, cost to make lvl 9 is 147,200, and for lvl 10, it's 320,000. (if you have that much good luck charms at all).

The rewards
Now let's check out the rewards. In the new system, you get 4800 XP for your level 5 cloth, but here it cost you 6000 to make. However, you will get as reward 2x luck charm and 5x fashion core, and 1 chest, worth ath least 1700 XP, and you get 2 additional chests. So it worth making it.

A level 6 will require 2x lvl 5, and luck charm worth 1600 in addition. The Xp you get back is 3600 at least, plus 4 chests.

 The same applies to every following level. However, please note that this applies only if you don't have to make lvl 5+ clothing without getting prize. So my suggestion is, if you have enough good luck charms, do the event, bu do only one of each level at most each day.

About wings...
Making wings require 5x more materials. However, the reward is only twice as much. So I do not recommend making wings.


  1. ty this is what i was looking for...unfortunately i acted already :(
    n i also failed a lv 8 wing synth :'( bwwuuuaaaahhhh

    1. yes, thats why I stopped making wings since many months, had no charm, and kept failing lvl 5-7, it felt very bad :(

  2. awesome post btw ...very awesome n simple

  3. Thats what I am doing. Would have been great if R2 would put lvl 11 clothes rewards before the next patch comes out. But the big question is: engulf all? save most, save all clothes for a new cloth type of event (after 5.6 patch) We will get better rewards or even worst?? who knows....

    1. Yes, you never know if they will put up an event. I think you MUST engulf some, to have some starting rage, but it's okay to save some of your stuff for a while. Prolly best way is to save half and use half. Patch is coming soon, don't expect lvl 11 rewards.

  4. whatch out, DRESSING ROOM will not change!!! so my plan is to make all lv2 clothing PRIOR HAVING USED the ones required for events. but i will make NONE NEW lv3-lv4 clothing.

    but as things seem, i welcome this new patchh:no more cloth-fail!! :D easier to upgrade.

    i exchanged also all the clothing shards i had, as IMHO i think we ll need to cash to get either clothing sets or mount. haven t u noticed it??!!!

    1. You exchanged your cloth shards to cloth sets you already owned? If you did so, I'm not sure it was a good idea. Maybe they will extend the list eventually - after all, they still have golden road, where you buy cloth shards for balens. But ofc you never know.

  5. no no i exchanged them for fashion cores, so i can upgrade to lv 2 aaaaaall of those chests i had saved up in the previous events.

    last mmonth i made the mistake of using up A LOT of cores to refine,,,,,,W NEW PATCH refine goes only up...soooo :)

  6. So If you can make most clothings Lvl 5 go for it or just make lvl 2's?what you recommend?