Current expert tatoo events

The Wartune expert tatoo event is back, without change. Since everyone and their grandmother on my server is running around with knighthood skills, I checked how far I am from it. I made the strict math, and it seems with a recharge of 50 USD I can reach it as well. I didn't recharge since 3 months, and this should be the real last one :)

So here are is the math - so use see how I'm thinking:
I have 5300 balens remaining which I didn't spend since December.
I have 10295 adv. henna collected and saved up from previous events.
I have 181 free chests collected last week.

First let's see how much adv. henna I can get in total.
In the following 3 days, with mount training, holy forge and free chest from shop, I can get 105 more chests. If you have some unrefined mount, or 5k+ mount whips, then you can get even more.
For 5k balens recharge, and 10k balens spent, I can get 214 chests and 3900 adv. henna. For 10k balens, I can buy 3x129+31=418 chests. Also, if I do the expert tatoos the way I described here, I will get 91 more chests. That's a total of 1009 chest, for which I can get 8000 more adv. henna in the hot events exchange. So it will look like this:
I'm just short of knighthood, I realized... I would need 1000 more adv. henna, For which I would need 71 more chests. And then I remembered what my friend Panzer told me earlier, and realized how to get those. In archeology, I got a bunch of crystalloids, epic armor shards, and legendary stones. I hope you didn't sell those. I did sell the crystalloids, but can buy them back for insignia. So, anyway. I will make a lvl 80 armor, and holy forge it with the otherwise totally useless vulcan hammers and stoves, so I can claim the otherwise unavailable chests in the holy forge event. It will cost a lot of gold, but gold is free, so converting it into chests is a good deal: especially if this gets me the last 1000 adv. henna required for knighthood.... 

I just wrote this article to explain you how to use math to optimize your play (and yeah, minimize balen spendings :) Wartune's spender system is overcomplicated for a reason: so you recharge / spend a lot more than you need. If you start doing this without making the math, you might realize too late you are short of something, and then it becames expansive. So whenever you headjump into an event like this, do the match with an excel like above.

And yes, I know I said I stopped spending - and I did so for last 3 months. But I decided to give this last 50 bucks to Wartune. I still plan to play for a while, and it's like +1 million BR. But this should be really the end of it :) So now just let's hope I didn't miscalculate anything...


  1. well done, KH will help ou a lot, mage have very good skills.

  2. Well, i think, this game isn't worth another 50 bucks. It isn't worth even a penny. You can wait for another 3 months (or less) and become knighted completely free. Maybe I'm a little inclined, cause I quit, but you got the point.