Wartune patch 5.6 analysis

If you thought there is nothing left to nerf in Wartune, here is a list of what was made worse with patch 5.6:

Fishing nerf
A last row fish worth now 10 nickles instead of 80. So yes, reward have been decreased to 1/8. No more beast souls for free players, bye bye. They doubled the attempts per week - so you can gain 25% of what you did before, in twice as much time. Fishing was already time consuming, now one more activity I don't have to do.

Chat messed up
The heart icon used for chat have been moved to the upper right corner. Besides being harder to notice, that wheel is not present in many screens where the icon bar is. So you can no longer chat while in Hall of Heroes and many other locations. Killing the ability for players to communicate is not a great idea.

Tank nerf 
If you leave tank now, you can't reenter. You can no longer retry to get paired with a friend, or flee from a hopeless fight and retry. Damn stupid nerf.

Rage nerf
With the new clothing system, people have a lot less starting rage than before.

Class Wars nerf
This might not be connected closely to this patch, but it happened at the same time, so i have to mention it. All PVP championships (CW, TW, Chaos War, Steel War) use all players from all platforms / servers now. Which means, most players will lose more match, will rank lower, will get less rewards, and many will miss finals / warlords hall who made it consistently before. If moving these events to weekdays wasn't enough reason, this one is surely one to quit for some.

Cross-server spam 
I'm not sure this was an intentional thing, but now you can chat to all servers via dungeon invite. An excellent way to spam and advertise. Will mention my blog there a few times :) But I'm not sure if this should stay this way.

Bounty target nerf
Now in bounty targets you get useless, low-level items, like white irons and turquoise instead of eudaemon HP diamonds. Since the event nerfs, it was hard enough to advance diamonds, but from now on, it is completely impossible. You get diamond only for the last targets - which you can't kill because then you will get only unkillable opponents next time.

New features

Titan system
A complicated, but quite useless feature. The game auto-cast buffs on you in the first few rounds of the battle. Which is quite useless, significant damage is done pre-sylph only if one of the combatant did not reach knighthood yet. Now this only messes up skill use (sometimes I can double attack now, sometimes I can't even use my skills for 2 rounds) and spams your team members with useless extra icons on their screen. Titan system also grants extra resist and resist reduce, which everyone will gain at the same rate, so it is useful only for 2 things: knightood players can kill non-knights even faster, and whoever is fool enough to push in a truckload of balens can gain a slight advantage here.

Eudaemon patrol
Obviously, the devs tried to figure out a system which makes useful all the eudaemons we have. They failed miserably, for a simple reason: the rewards are eudaemon-related items. Since I need only one eudaemon for combat, and it's already maxed out, whats the point of growing more eudaemons just to be able to grow more eudaemons? This system could be good if they reward non-eudaemon items, like adv. mahra, empire truncheon, tenacity marks etc.

Fate max levels increased 
I had like 30.000 fate stones saved up, so I had no problem maxing the first ability. Beads of influences is a different matter. Even with regular beads for chest exchange in events, it will take some time to collect 20.000+ beads of influence (years). The good news is, whoever is willing to spend a lot of money to buy the beads, has knighthood already and can't stun me :) About tenacity marks, even level 20 was beyond grasp for me so it's irrelevant for most mortals.

Clothing revamp
The clothing system have been totally reworked. I like the new system, in fact, this is the only good thing with the patch. I really hated the fizzle/gamble factor of making cloths. Now this stress is gone, you just throw all your garbage in your clothing level bar and keep advancing. Also now you can refine clothes without worrying about losing stars which is great, I already put all my hats to 5 star. Of course 7road can't make any new thing without nerfing something. My starting rage has been reduced from 99 to 60 as a result of this. This is a very bad change, considering the high rage cost of knighthood skills. Rage rune is now mandatory in most situations if I want to use your skills, which leaves us only with 1 rune choice :(

What will remain the biggest mystery of the universe for me - if they put such a tremendous amount to make new systems, change the existing ones, and nerf what was working well - why they did not spend a few minutes to increase the HP of the World Boss? Or to fix cloud adventures (ie. revert to previous, working version without moving backwards and fighting yourself)? Or to enable caching finally so the game doesn't download each time I log into the game? Or to undo so many nerfs which ruined the game and made players quit? And so on... you all now the list.

One side note on knighthood: as I learned, last night - due to a typo - people could buy advanced henna at 10% of normal price. 1000 cost 499 instead of 4999. Funny accident :)

I would say, the devs are complete, utter idiots, but I don't think this is true. They are quite capable of implementing new systems in this complex game in a limited time, that shows skill and intelligence. I think they are just simply purely evil, who enjoy torturing and harming their own players. The darkness which engulfs their mind prevents them realizing that with their constant childish sadistic nerfs they actually get rid of their own income. But well. We know nothing is gonna change, so just play while you can... without spending!


  1. So, just so I'm understanding all of this (I won't be able to get ingame for a while):

    Before, you could join a tank battle, let the other team get a kill each, then quit and seek a better room, so that the whole thing only took a couple minutes tops...and they nerfed THAT!? Of all the damn things!?!

    Before, by separating PVP tourneys into server clusters, it gave more people a chance at more rewards, rather than a small set of top overall cashers...AND THEY NERFED THAT?!?! Something which had ENCOURAGED MORE SPENDING as more ppl had hope of being competitive within their own cluster??? Am I reading this wrong??

    1. Yes, exactly that's what happened :( what they do is totally senseless, no one has a clue why they do these. but its very sad :(