Eudaemon patrol

Since not much is happening in Wartune, I decided to write a short guide on the recently added Wartune feature, Eduaemon patrol.

This is a well-designed minigame, which, unfortunately, lacks useful reward. Still, it's challenging to the mind, and does not require balens, so I do it every day, because I find it fun.

This event requires a LOT of eudaemons. The game consist of 2 parts: building base and towers, and doing patrols, where you get the reward.

To each tower, you can assign one or more eudaemons. You bind the eudaemons there, and after a period of time, you receive reward. The normal reward is eudaemon mark shard and blood of zeus; the hard is skill scrolls or warpath crystal; and the nightmare is either resist crystal, resist reduce crystal or warpath crystal. The 3 difficulty level has 3 requirement, if you fullfill all 3 requirements, you get all 3 rewards.

The hard requirement for me is either a Scourge Mage, a Wind Ranger or a Blood Warrior. So you need a bunch of these classes, I have 3-4 of each. You should pump them up to level 3 at least, give them at least level 3-4 war emblem and corresponding resist. Also give each an uncommon weapon. (I got a lot of green flames from late chests so that was not a problem). Don't forget to give each a unique name so you can recognize which is which :)

The nightmare requirement is usually a resist between 500-1500. Please note that you can add more than 1 eudaemon to the patrol. So just check first what class you need and with what resist. Equip that eudaemon, assign him the sylph which gives the corresponding resist type, then modify his resists under the warpath menu to give the correct resists.
You might still lack requirements. In this case, add a 2nd, 3rd or maybe 4th eudaemon to the patrol so the total level / resist / warpath is sufficient. 

If you are low on eduaemons, I recommend building with them a bit before starting patrols. Base and towers have a maximum level of 9, you will max them out all in a reasonable time. Your Wind Ranger / Scourge Mage / Blood Warrior team will be doing patrols usually, so you need a few higher level eudaemon from other classes to do the building. Please note that you can interrupt building (like Henna Labs) and you will get partial XP in that case.

As your base level increase, so does the number of towers you can have. Use the eudaemon mark shards to pick up extra eudaemons. Dont be shy, get like 20-30 so you have enough of the 3 key classes. I didn't find a limit to eudaemons yet. Also don't forget you can always fire one you don't need anymore, and get back 50% of what you spent on him.

Try to assign your eudaemons the optimal way, ie. send each eudaemons for the patrol where he just meets the requirements. If you have a patrol which requires a Wind Ranger level 10 with 1500 resist, and another with a level 3 and 500 resist, assign your big guy to the first task and the small one to the other, not vica versa. Use the minimum needed amount of eudaemons to patrol, so you can assign the rest to building. Start assigning eudaemons to patrols starting from tower 1 sometimes, sometimes from the last tower to make sure tasks requiring the same class don't stack up.

I don't know what negative effect riots have, maybe nothing. Still, you can check from time to time friends eudaemons bases and handle riots for the small blood of zeus reward.

Patrol rewards
My main problem with this event is the reward. You don't need more than one fully developed eudaemon for battle. Which you probably already have. So all the resist crystals, warpatch crystals etc. help you to build more eudaemons to get more resist crystals, warpatch crystals etc. A useless circle :) The event should really awrd eudaemon diamonds, books of wisdom, legendary eudaemon equipment stuff, and maybe even non-eudaemon items like empire truncheons adv. mahra etc. Let's hope they add further levels in the future where we can get additional rewards.


  1. mm... i already max all the lvls there, and was doing it for the shards to try and get the new eudemon dwarf. After using 400 shards and not getting any, i just gave up. rewards are not so good. i just do 1 a day for the devotion.

    1. Yes I think the dwarfs is for chest exchange only.

    2. only basic eud are "usmmonable" forget the last 3 we got

  2. Yep, this "mini-game" is only useful for medium players which in the middle of building up their kids. For low player, or in my case, a coming-back-to-the-game-after-long-time-hiatus player, it's really hard to build kid which matches with the patrol requirement.