Eudameon analysis part 2.0

I continue my previous article about the new Wartune feature, eudaemons. My blog focuses on optimizing game play and balen spendings, so I examine eudaemons from this aspect.

Eudaemon inherits a percentage of your abilities, and as such, your BR. So a weak player will have a weak eudaemon, a strong player a strong one (using the same resources). This is good and bad at once.

The good...
Now that some players are over 1 million BR, spending another 100 USD to get a +50 mount granting +1000 BR would make the player only 0,1% stronger. Not very inspiring, getting nothing for a lot of money. The game designers have realized this too, and lately they are adding bonuses which give percentage bonus, so they are similarly useful to a weaker and a stronger player. This is good!

...and the bad
But this also increases the gap between players, which is bad. When a strong player fights a weaker one, and the weaker can't even get rid of the others eudaemon which is killing him alone, that increases the despair in the weaker players. Not that the weaker player had a chance, but now it is a complete massacre. In BG, now it often happens that when I fight a player with a non-orange sylph, I cast a rain of fire, my sylph does a passive attack, my eudaemon attacks - and the player is dead. That must be really disappointing, since I'm not even a whale, and he prolly spent a lot of time building his character.

So, the eudameons are good for strong characters, giving them new goals, but they just make the weaker ones even weaker.

Now, the question is, do eudaemons worth spending money on?
During the triple spender event, I spent 10k balens to buy 231 eudaemon vessels. Along with the bonus ones, I got like 300 vessels in total. See this post, what have I found in the vessels. All in all, these goodies were enough to make one sylph equipment blue, and socket all with low level gems - and that's it. The blue weapon's BR is 1.3% of the eudaemon's BR. So if you spend 100k balens (1000 USD!!!), you can make your eudaemon about 10% stronger. The gain is more for weaker players, and less for stronger ones: but it's the stronger ones who are supposed to spend money here.
Btw, it is much easier to resist the new chests, the holy vessels. They contain almost nothing useful, and you can't exchange them for anything useful :)

So imho, spending balens now on random chests containing random eudaemon items (usually common ones) does not worth it. The eudaemon's damage is not counted in World Boss, Atoll Boss and Guild Boss. I might assume that it will not count even in Class Wars. Yes, this is a bug - but you know how fast bugs are corrected: maybe never. The only difference you will see is in PVP: Arena and Battlegrounds, but these events has no stake, so improving your eudaemon for balens just for these does not worth it.

The only players who could benefit from buying equipment for eudaemon are the very low BR players, where the equipment can make the eudaemon 50-100% stronger. But even these players are prolly better spending their balen on the now highly discounted items to pump their own BR: and the eudaemon will inherit it's percentage anyway. Of course whales will buy them too: they want to be top at all cost. Even when being the top means no or little reward....

Fortunately, you can build your eudaemon for free and miss very little. You can get free blood of zeus from farm, free stuff for war emblem from Tower of Kings, and free skills chests from guild shop. So the only cash component is equipment.

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