2nd sylph evolution

The second sylph evolution is a cash-only event curently. And it's not a cheap deal either. So does it worth it?

The first sylph evolution increased the maximum of your stats by a lot (you could spend like and extra 5k sepulcrum), and it also increased the base stats by 10%. So it made your sylph immediately 10% stronger.

Unfortunately, the situation is different with the 2nd evolution. You get no base stat increase. So a 2nd evolved Hecate is not 1 BR stronger than your Aegis. Of course, the possible maximum of your stats still increase: but for that, you need advanced sepulcrum. And these are also cash-only items currently. And very expensive ones: during the previous months chest event, you had to buy 4 chests to get 1 clown cake, which could yield you 3 advanced sepulcrum. The advanced sepulcrum gives the exact same boost / BR increase as a normal sepulcrum (worth about 5 balens). But this one cost 4 x 39 / 3 = 52 balens. Even if you could utilize the 3 other chests (yielding items of 15-20 balens value each), you still paid like 40 balen per sepulcrum. So the price was 8-10 times more for the same bonus.

Of course everyone have to (and will) do this evolution eventually. But right now, it looks like the gain is not so big, and is very expensive. So it's better wait until they finally add cheaper / free methods to get the materials for the evolution.

Unfortunately, you can never be sure when that happens. Now there are too many examples for items which give a decent boost, and still, are only available for heavy cashers.

1.) Marriage is in the game since a half year, and still, eternal hearts are ridiculously expensive, you can find only 1-2 as a super-rare item in dimensions. But free revive is a badass ability in the arena.

2.) Vulcan's hammers are still super-expensive rarities since many months. The cross-server guild battle can yield a few for free, but this event is very rare. Also it is very sad that you can buy hammer only together with stove (which comes free from AB). And holy forge can boost your BR by 30-50%!!

3.) Empire truncheons. The new medal upgrades are exclusively for cashers. I did buy the 400 truncheon for 2800 balens for the 2nd level, but 800 for the 3rd level (and maybe 1600, 3200 later?) seemed just too much. Still, based on the above, these items can stay extint as well.

So let's hope advanced mahra and sepulcrum will be available for free eventually. By the way, I do pay for the game, but all the above materials are ridiculously expensive.

PS: I just checked Golden Road, now it's full of gems. Made 5 moves, for 250 balens. Got a lvl 8 gem, a lvl 6 gem, and 2x lvl 5 divinity soul, looks like they improved this feature. Too bad it's not working with bound balens.


  1. Golden Road is dropping level 10 and 11 transposers if you land on the question mark fyi.

    1. ops sorry I meant the skull, i spend 7 bux and got 2 trans and several very nice gems this morning.

    2. Grats! Golden road is better now, it seems :)