Wartune cloth event nerfs

I wish there would be some happy news around for Wartune, like unlimited events returning, or nerfs being undone, or caching enabled again... But sadly, the opposite is happening. They nerf something every day. Now the cloth events are nerfed further - where you didn't think there was anything remaining there to be nerfed.

1. Cloth synthesis no longer awarding fashion core shards. No one can explain this one. Getting 5-6 fashion cores for free? What was so bad about it so you had to take it away from us?

2. Clothing synthesis no longer awards "unlimited" cloth chests. Previously, if you made 2x lvl 5 armor on the same day, you could claim 2x the chest reward, containing random cloth. A little thing, but it did matter. I think they did not even want to nerf, they just try to make things simpler - but they do it the wrong way. I ignore cloth synth events since a while, I will continue doing so.

3. Cloth set exchange. We have a new cloth set exchange, where you can exchange 210 event chest for a cloth set you might have missed earlier. Wait a moment... I do have clothing shards for that purpose already! I sincerely hope that this panel is not what it looks like. Ie. making new cloth set sold only for balens, unavailable for clothing shards. They already did this to ancient beast shards - letting people collect them, then making it useless - I hope it's not going to happen to clothing shards.

With my next blog entry, I will try to make a sacred golden tree analysis (the most broken thing in Wartune's history), if you have any data, please send it to me or post it here.


  1. Try fully loading the game from IE (internet explorer) and then just log in from mini client. There was a time when my plataform removed cache saving too and that way I managed to fix it.

    1. I tried that too, miniclient is loading stuff over and over as well :( But I'm glad to hear at least you don't have this problem.