Advanced henna vs cloth set

I promised a sacred gold tree analysis, but something more important came up meanwhile. They added a new exchange:
We didn't get too much free chest, so the question is, do this, or go for these:
At first sight, you would start calculating the BR gain from the cloth set title (the cloth BR is neglectable, as I calculated in a previous article) and then compare it with the henna BR gain. And I would be happy to do that calculation - but it's much simpler than that. If you check the cloth panel, there is a wing for this set too. You just can't get it in the current exchange. You could get it in the past 3 days (210 chest for the whole set), but not now. I'm pretty sure you need the wing for the title as well - but getting 210 free chests until yesterday was impossible.

So now we can witness another Wartune trickery, aka nerf, a well-concealed method to cheat the players (the forum is already full with complaints from people who were victims to this cheat). Unless you spent balens on the chests, you cant get this title. And I hope you didn't spend - if I would be an official credit rating company, I would assign Wartune "junk rating", "don't spend (not even a penny)".  Especially since we got our new nerf. And this one is a BIG ONE. Mount training event nerfed as well. I'm sure you remember that each mount training event in the past 3 year gave back a percent (usually 50%) of the whips used. Not anymore. So yeah - they HALVED the amount of mount whips you can get from now on. Don't worry 7Road/R2Games etc, those players who can't be repelled from spending (and even playing) with this grand action, will keep spending even when the game crashes every minute and just to log in will cost 100 dollars (which might happen soon with the current tendencies).

So anyway, my advice is, if you didn't use your chests up yet, just go for the advanced henna. For 120 chests, you get 1000 henna, which is +300 stats. equivalent to henna you collect in 20 days. One small step towards knighthood :) But much, much worse than the +1000 stats title bonus from the cloth set.


  1. Jest a thought, this event is good for small cashers, if u willing to spent 100 dollars u can get arround 15000 advance henna (doing also regulars events for chest) So you can get knighthood for arround 200 dollars or less. Maybe you could do an analysis about this too. How to get knighthood spending the less you can.

    1. Im not sure your math is correct, but let me check.
      For 100 USD, using 2k coupons, you can buy 390 chests. You also get 160 chest in the spender events. With some free chests, you can get 5000 adv henna in exchange. You also get 2450 adv henna as reward in the 3 spender events. You use the 7450 adv henna, you can do 75 tatoo. So you can claim 2100 more adv henna in the 2 hot events. 96 x 30 stats = 2880 total stats. for knighthood, you need 12000. So yes, not that bad, but it's only 25% to knighthood. Still cheaper than 2 months ago, when it was 2000 USD for the top players. Now you do 4 such events, and you knighthood. But on the other hand, 400 USD for a game in this state, looks too much :)

      Ok this was a quick analysis - not in separate post - I hope you find it useful!

    2. And the epic spender event gives the wrong chest (they fumbled up like usual)

    3. mm.. got arround 2300 from recharging 10k, from the events chest I had already 400+ (didnt do all events to fuul potencial). after buying only event chest using cupons i ended with 1000+ (also getting the chest from spender events) with those i got 8000 adv. henna. Not sure, but had arround 6k advance henna before all this and ended with about 20k henna. After doing 10k today I have about 13k henna, tomorrow will do another 10k henna and end with 6.2k or so (do more events to get maybe 1 or 2k advance henna from exchange) and be able to do 10k more in the 3rd day of events.

    4. Good job! But I think doing 15k is a bit more optimal than 20k, so maybe save some for next event. (didnt do the math just some1 mentioned it).

    5. just did a total of 30k advance henna, and ended with 4k that will save for next event. (got KH after doing 4x 10k adv. henna events and using like 20k regular henna). Now bbs cost for talents its what is crazy...

  2. Yes, those talent costs are hard to understand, eventually a talen point cost 20.000 balen? One point? Thats quite a lol :)