The Spire nerf

Hi, I would like to share you a warning about a recent "silent nerf". I'm not sure when it went live, but probably the last patch. It's about spire.

Previously, you could start a spire run, turn off the computer, and then get the reward chests in your mail. Since spire is pretty long and boring, this was an ideal way to "blitz it". Lately, I check my mail only once every few days, so I didn't notice immediately - but I had no spire chests there from the previous day. So this thing is no longer working. I don't know if it is some conscious nerf from their part in their senseless nerfing frenzy, or simply a cron died out on their server and no one noticed.

But the point is, now if you want to get the full reward for spire, you have to leave your computer on, and you must be online when you finish. (You can still do it afk, just don't log out). I know that with a team of 4 medusa now you can even blast through spire nightmare non-afk and complete it, and it does not even take a horribly long time. But for me, it is better to get 16 spire nm chest by spending 1 minute on it, than getting 24 in 12-15 minutes :)


  1. how to do this trick , i never heard of it ?
    is there other tricks you know ?

  2. it is not a silent nerf as much as it is a mail bug. yesterday i did get my chests in mail so i guess it s yet another feature of the game that glitches lol

  3. I found if you beat the 1st boss you can still log off and collect your normal AFK NM spire rewards.

  4. its not a bug, i had this issue also but then i realized what happening, this never happen to our team before but not it happen so often the key was because we become stronger which mean we stuck too long in there and the system auto kicked you from the dungeon i noticed this after try to log after 20 minutes or so and my toon was out of the dungeon but 1 of my friend said he still in the dungeon fighting.so what we need to do now is log after 15 minutes or so and then log off again, after doing this we always got the chest so problem solved.

  5. Okay, thank you for the hints, so there are workarounds :)