Warning about the current Wartune event

Hey guys, I wanted to give you a warning about the current Wartune events. The current event, mount refining, and also the new event tomorrow, divinity soul synthesis is awarding "gourmet chest". However, this gourmet chest is NOT the chest you can exchange for rewards. This is just a matrjoska chest, which gives either a piggy chest (from previous event) or a cornucopia chest (current event). The problem with this, the piggy chest is utterly useless. There is no exchange for it, and about the contents, the mount is now impossble to get, the cloth, you either got the complete set earlier, or you will get it later for cloth shards; but hoping to get one piece is not a good idea.

We get used to these matrjoska chests in the past months (a bad idea from designers, imho) but fortunately, they were mostly only in the shop; hot events rewarded the actual chest. But not this time. Look at the mount refining event. For 100 refine, you get a grand total of 6 chests - which is actually only 3, because the other 3 is useless. And divinity soul synthesis, you can burn a whole month's earnings to get one chest - with 50% chance :)

So my recommendation is, ignore these events, and save your resources, mount hoof, divinity souls etc. I admire the creativity of the game designers. I didn't suppose these events can be nerfed further, but seemingly, it is possible :) Wartune is back to iron age again after a few months of golden age (I refer here to chest rewards). We know a golden age will come again, so be patient, and hoard, hoard, hoard :)

Also it looks like we got another silent nerf today: gold no longer in Dragon invasion. I see they try to remove gold desperately from the game, I just don't understand, why. Gold is not something people buy for balens. But we need a LOT. For astrals, for dimension chests, for eud skill chests, for mythic enchance, for holy forge... Removing gold serves really no other purpose but to piss off players. Personally, I don't care anymore, I'm just glad I can play 20 minutes less each day :)


  1. In my server we still get gold from DI

  2. I got gold in di today as well

  3. Yes, it looks like, this wasn't a nerf - was just a truly accidental bug (or a nerf, but they reversed it quickly).