Poseidon, the master of healing

Triton - called later Poseidon, and even later Frigga - is a very special sylph in Wartune. For a long time, healing - and especially group healing - was an exclusive skill for mages. Since Triton, any class can be a great healer. Actually, a decent Triton can heal even more than an mage :) This article I dedicate to this special sylph.

Since the introduction of sylph arena, I was saying to myself: in any fantasy game, a team needs a healer to have the upper hand. So I made a strong Triton, and I could beat teams with a stronger main sylph than mine. Healing is cool - as long, as you can heal more than your opponent damages you. As damage increased, Triton got weaker and now I'm less of a Triton/Poseidon fan - but it's still cool in some situations.

Poseidon in team PVE
Poseidon was a great support sylph in team situations earlier. But with the last major patch, most pve challenges were degraded to child's play. You simply don't need healing, you just burn down monsters. Even in EF hell, you better off just having the proper resist and burning the opponents down. The only exception where Poseidon is still useful is Tower of Kings. Before the eudaemons were added, ToK was a rush of chaos runes and stuns. Now its slower, having an aoe heal each round is more important, so we use Poseidons there. I see many complaints about ToK lately, but we can do each day all 5 rooms with this strategy, aoe, heal, aoe heal (and ofc, the usual chaos and stun).
Sylph expedition also worth mentioning here. Unfortunately, Poseidon is useful only at later stages, but there, monsters hit real hard. So you need a Poseidon who can survive the massive aoes. If you have such, it can be tremendous help. My 135K BR Triton is not good enough to be useful and help me through stage 39.

Poseidon in single PVE
In any situation, where you face some monsters alone, Poseidon is a pretty poor choice. Wartune PVE is about damage dealt, if you aren't fast enough, the monster gets berserk, and you are dead. You can't heal your opponent to death. Even in old sky trials, I did the water resist stages with a different sylph. A Hades can give you the heals you needed in Purgatory etc.

Poseidon in single PVP
I see more and more people using Poseidon in Battleground, especially knights. The logic must be, people don't have water resist, and healing is handy. I can just repeat myself: you can't heal your opponent to death. Surely, you can extend the duel's duration to 5-6 minutes, but if you are weaker, you will lose at the end, even if you healed yourself to full 10 times. The only thing you achieved is to waste your time. Normally, you can finish a BG duel in 1-2 minutes. If you are stronger, you will win with a damage dealing sylph. If you are weaker, you lose anyway. So effectively, you stripped yourself of 600-1500 honor points.
So why Poseidon is not good in single pvp? First, it's subject to chaos. Second, nowadays everyone have at least 1-2 water resist stones equipped, so you are far from dealing +60% damage, it's rather +-10%. Third, Poseidon is not a premium sylph like light and dark. Maxed out, it's attack is far below of those. Fourth, he is good at healing - but as such, bad at dealing damage. Most sylphs have at least 3 good damage sylph, Poseidon has only 2.
So do a favor to the gamer community, and put aside your Poseidon for CW. Please, even neglect it even for CW. Because in CW still damage counts, not healing.
And this is true even for Frigga. No joking, but I beat Frigga in Class Wars with my puny Hades. If you cough up 600 USD, an Odin is much better - even if ppl have some more resist vs it.

Poseidon in team PVP

This is where Poseidon shows its true power. One Poseidon is a must for your team, but 2 is cool too. Damage dealt in team PVP is massive, you must heal even (and especially) during sylph phase. Also stunning multiple opponents with one spell is quite useful too. Frigga is even more deadly, with the group shield, but you must be a real rich guy to spend not once, but twice the 600 bucks - because your first merged sylph should be Odin.
Poseion (or rather, Frigga) is a real killer if the ToK opponents have it. Playing against that is especially difficult. Try stun when he is sylphing, and if your stun is not targetting it (you see which opponent you are targeting by the red circles below the opponent), you can sylph instead and try stun again (or if you do ToK with multiple characters, can try to stun with the other too). Also it is a good idea to use 2 or more Medusa (or evolved version) to drain their awakening points. Third trick is wait for it's heal, and then time all your aoe afterwards.
But all in all, it would be much more civilized if the ToK denizens unequip their Frigga before logging off for the night :)


  1. So I'm guessing that top player would have 1. Loki, 2. Odin and 3, Freya at godlike quality,
    while players started to have their chance at their first merge sylphs :p

    Also, I noticed that triton has only 1 single target skill that deals one of
    the highest damage compared to other sylphs: ice bolt
    One of the best buffs as well: ice shield (you should highlight in your blog).
    Hope it helps :)

    1. It's also why triton is useful in sylph arena when ice shield is in use

  2. Sry to add, ice bolt however targets enemy with lowest hp

  3. Yes, I agree all Poseidon skills are great, awesome sylph in team pvp. But in 1 vs 1, you run out of damage fast. Sure you can still heal, but you want to kill, not heal :) You want 1-2 minutes duels, not 5+ minute ones. Even if you win, you actually lose.

    1. Same goes for healing mages... Hate them for that. Common BG battle with a mage (I'm archer) is like this. He aoe's me, than sunto, than stun and sylph. 3 turns I stay. Then I sylph, hit him hard (but not hard enough to kill). He crit-heals to full HP and stuns me again. After two or 3 such stages we have 250% damage increase. Usually, I kill him at this stage, but the price is 6-minute fight. And time is precious.