Christmas Wartune spender event

This might be my last entry for the coming days, due to Christmas. But there was something I had to write an entry about.

At the end of the last year, Wartune event designers were clever enough to launch a big recharge event with rewards really awesome (at that time), I know a lot of people couldn't resist it and Wartune have made a big profit. In the past month, many people asked my advice: "here is this spender event, should I spend now?" And I always answered, "if you are really sure you still want to spend money on this game, I advise to wait until their big Christmas recharge and sale events, which is surely coming."

Um, well... Wartune devs have managed to fail this time. In the world of digital bits sold for a fortune, people will spend only if the next pack is bigger than the previous one. So they say, "I bought the previous one, then, I must buy this!" I remember when they started to give the recharge packs containing adv. mahra and adv. sepulcrum, 4300 in total for 500 USD. Topped off with some gems, and 3 strong mount (50-80 strength) in July, I even considered briefly to do the recharge, but then waved away the idea, because I know each month it will be even better.

Well, it didn't. Ever after since, they give the same recharge pack, 4300 adv. mahra + sepu for 500 USD, including a small amount of event chests, and either normal gems / eudaemon gems (useless) or divinity soul gems (more rare, so more useful). So its the same as the July pack, but instead of mounts, they give beast souls - which can get you only one mount in total, if you still need beast souls. 

The first improvement I saw was now in December, they gave 150% bound balen bonus instead of 100%, but the items themselves were really crappy. So I though, they are coming out with a real blast by Christmas, to finally lure out the credit card of the bitter crowd, who got disgusted with the amateur handling of the gem exploit and the other fumbles. Well, guys, this is the graaand recharge:

A new, awesome mount? A Loki seal? Empire truncheons and vulcan clamps? No, lol. Nothing. For 600 USD recharge you get 4200 adv mahra and sepulcrum, worse than before. A few hundred advanced Henna all you got, which is, kinda useless. Yes, there is the lame balen node, which offers now some event chests as well, but I don't think it makes up for the decreased amount of adv. mahra and the lack of unique rewards.

So, I owe an apology to those whom I advised to wait. But actually: do you regret NOT spending money on Wartune? I don't think so. When I spent, I did regret often when the bonus items became free a month later. When I didn't spend, well, I never regretted it.

So let's thank Wartune devs for making lame recharge packs and even lamer spender packs, containing totally useless crap since a long time, and help the last cashers cure of their addiction.

Merry Christmas all!

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