What to do with the werewolf chest?

Instead of giving a mathematical analysis this time, I try to explain my seemingly irrational decision about this Wartune chest exchange.

At first sight, you see this chest's contents are full of crap, so unless you are a gambler type who opens 400 of them and says "no mount? cool. no problem." then you should choose one of the exchanges instead. In one of my late analysises, I explained why I don't choose cloth set either. Simply, because it seems they always add cloth sets for cloth shards - and that way it's much cheaper than for chests.

Still, there are plenty of good options. First, with all these holy forge frenzy and other events, prolly you are at 400-600 chests, so mount is pretty close. With coupons, you can buy some more chests 20 balen apiece and then get the mount. This could be the best option - if this mount would come with a title as the previous ones. But it wont. Still, there are some other good choices, like beads, but I did something different.

Already the previous events, when emblem of dark & light, and moon rock/dust was in the exchange, I choose those instead. Why?

It's more an emotional thing. I always want to have long-term goals in the game. Odin seems a good long term goal. I would never pay the 600 USD for it, but I believe that Wartune devs come to their sense eventually, and give it us with a nice discount - hopefully on Christmas. And I want to be ready by then:

Yeah. I know I play a gamble. What if they never reduce the price. But the whole game is a gamble. And I better have an Odin than another set of clothes or even a +150 mount.

You know, the real big problem with Odin and Frigga is that once you evolved your sylphs, you need 2 red sylph to make them. If you make them from orange, via Loki/Freya, you need only one red. Half amount of adv. mahra and sepu. Right now, I'm getting behind because I am saving up adv. mahra for my Odin, and not evolving my Medusa and Poseidon (hoping they can become Frigga eventually). But I hope this gamble and patience pays off on the long term.

If you want to play safe, better get the beads, the mount, or the cloth set.


  1. remember the player who told he got bony dragon from his first mount and was lvl 36.
    well thats me i opened 80 chest on my other char ( lvl 75) and got all the cloth and even the mount on exactly the 50th chest. maybe their psudorandom generators are helping me out
    anyways ur post are really helpful. thx for them

    1. Grats on good luck! Cloth are indeed much more common from these chests. Those who opened 200+ chest seem to have guaranteed to get a full set. But don't forget, wing is not in the chest, so at the end when you buy the set for cloth shards, you buy the clothes again so opening was a waste :) I got info from friends, who opened a total fo 1000 chests, with 1 mount. So it seems the 0,1% is still correct for mount.

  2. The bread and butter of the game is clothing refinement with fashion cores,
    when few or no one can actually assure getting an event mount out of the event chests,
    clothing stats stack as well, but it's the only secret that seasoned players will know and understand how to do it :)
    That's why I've been pressing hard for a better clothing event, hope you're with me :p

    1. I agree with the clothing. Even without the title, I exchanged my chests for the gear since it directly increases my BR. Too bad they nerfed the Golden Road clothing rewards by giving out less shards and more cloth.

    2. Yes I like the cloth too, I try to get all, and the cheapest way possble. I never did golden road for cloth shards, got enough from chests/events, they nerfed it? Really bad, but expected :( However, I dont like the cloth synthesis part since the series of nerfs. I get back less resources than I use. I have lvl 10 clothes, and lvl 9 wing but prolly cant go much further unless they add a large amount of fashion cores and luck charms cheap.