Sylphs: long-term strategy

One of the things I like in Wartune is that you often need long-term planning. And you can make mistakes there. By doing less mistake than others, you can get ahead. Yeah, they can always correct their suboptimal play by fetching their credit card, but still... :)

Recently I read a topic on R2Games forum, where a player complained that he evolved to 3rd stage several of his sylph, and now he can't make Loki etc. and how bad is this, R2 should do something do cure this situation.

Actually, most of the time I agree that Wartune gets messed up by the developers, but I wouldn't say this happened in this case. You just need to plan wisely. When they added the 3rd evolution phase, I wrote in my blog that these new sylphs are nothing just a visual tuning: they are not a BR stronger than their previous versions. To make them stronger, you must spend advanced mahra and sepulcrum. But how much adv. mahra is needed to max. one sylph to red? Like 20.000? And adv. sepulcrum? 10.000 maybe? Thats a pretty long-term goal (or a lot of money). So okay, I evolve and start pumping my primary sylph. But why would I do the same to a second sylph as well? Each adv. sepu/mahra I spend on my 2nd sylph, I could have spent on my primary. And the primary sylph I use everywhere, in pvp, pve. The second one is useful only in sylph expedition (no rewards at all) and sylph arena (no rewards now either). Surely, it can mean some visual BR tuning to your eudaemon, but thats all. So when someone spends moon rock and dust to evolve a 2nd, 3rd etc sylph, then he is wasting resources.

So what's the future of Wartune, sylph-wise? Always look at the Chinese version, and you will see the future. There, all sylph arena teams are merged teams. Odin-Odin-Frigga, Odin-Frigga-Thor etc. So if you evolved 2 or more sylph to last stage, then you have the following options:
1.) You just trash / retire these sylphs eventually and make new orange ones for merge.
2.) You spend a truckload of money to make them red, and then merge them for double price.
3.) You just wait until adv. mahra is as inflated as normal mahra, and make red sylphs then.
All are viable options, but not evolving them is an even better choice. You will suffer a short-term disadvantage for a few months, you will miss a few chests from adv. sepulcrum events (because you save them up for your future Odin instead of pumping it into your 2nd sylph) but that's it.

Of course, there is a "little" problem with sylph merges. Right now, it costs 600 USD besides the other materials. So there is a theoretical possibility that it will stay this way, only a half dozen whales will have merged sylphs, and the rest can either retire, or bite the bullet and play the boxbag with their miserable non-merged sylphs. But I do not believe in this possibility, because Wartune devs were never the enemy of their wallets. When the milking of whales is over, eventually, merge cost will be reduced somehow - so the sheer masses can finally start spending on merge components, adv. mahra and merged sylph skills, generating extra income for Wartune.

Btw, if I were them, I would do it this way:
1.) Recharge event (rewards: merge components)
2.) "Sylph tame" event: claim 50.000 balens if you have a merged sylph.
So people would rush to recharge, make the merge they desire since long, and claim the "free" balens (which they would spend in a month anyway).


  1. We'll have to wait for the Fire/Electro merged sylph to come out so they can bleed the whales one last time. So we probably won't get a chance until sometime in mid 2016

  2. Hello Miklós, I have discovered your blog not too long ago and I've been reading everything you posted. Do you still think the same thing about crit and crit rate? and about how combat works? Would you grant me a few minutes of your time one of these days, be it by email, facebook or however you feel more comfortable?

    1. I don't think crit has changed. I still have only about 17k critical, and I don't feel I need more. From time to time, I do a test, and I see that my crit rate is close to 80%. But you are always free to do a test as well, please, share with me the results!