Improvement suggestions to Wartune

I wanted to make this post about Wartune since a long time. Again I see a patch message with many new things (some of them we wont see for a long time, though), but it seems the developers don't focus on things the players really need. Reducing the lag, reducing the required game time, and fixing the reward system. Please let me know if I missed something important!

Simple but vital additions:
- Allow players to delete sylph skills.
- Allow players to delete eudaemons.

Reduce lag:
- Decrease the size of sylph sprites to that of the players. Big looks nice but causes a lot of lag.
- Remember a player's preference of not showing players in cloud city, atoll boss, world boss. Also add this option to guild boss.
- Add a settings where players can turn off / reduce animations during battles.
- Add a settings where players can turn off mount graphics in guild battles and battleground.
- Allow players to turn off display of eudaemon damage.
- Remove eudaemons from 4 vs 4 battles.

Reward / inventory issues:
- Add blacksmith synthesis: item: 10 fate stone to 1 bead of influence.
- Add blacksmith synthesis: item: 10 soul crystal to 1 mount training whip.
- Add blacksmith synthesis: item: 50 soul crystal to 1 soul seal.
- Add blacksmith synthesis: item: 10 mount hoofs to 1 vulcan hammer.
- Add blacksmith synthesis: item: 10 dragon souls to 1 vulcan hammer.
- Add blacksmith synthesis: item: 10 soul seal to 1 empire truncheon.
- Allow mount cards which the player already possess to be synthed for beast shards.
- Allow level 1 cloth to be stacked.
- When using heaven horn: if the player already have 3 evolved sylph, replace star sand and star tear with moon rock and moon dust, and the rare star sand with divine stone. If the player already have 3 orange sylph, replace sepulcrum and mahra with advanced sepulcrum and mahra.
- Allow sylph to use more xp via sylph xp scrolls. Use it as „talents” which increase sylph damage / healing by a small amount.
- Improve reward in sylph expedition: replace sylph xp scroll and sylph equipment shards with advanced sepulcrum, advanced mahra, belssing of god and gift fo god at later bosses.
- Improve reward in goodies link, at least at stages which can be accessed only with balens.
- Improve reward in sylph arena, advanced sepulcrum, advanced mahra, blessing of god, gift of god for top players.
- Improve reward in Bloody Inferno and add this event to the recovery exp tab.
- Guild boss reward system modification: give players fears of fang for the daru they donate. (1 fang for 50.000 daru donated).

Make VIP (and exp) useful again:
- Revise current talents, make them more useful, and increase max level to 100 for each.

Game time reduction:
- Allow sylph expedition to be blitzed to max level – 5, not max level – 10.
- Allow players with a level 50+ tank to claim a victory chest and silver rune box under recovery exp if they didn't do tank the previous day. Give gold to level 65+, diamond to level 80+ tanks.
- Allow players with a purple artifact and halidom claim 5 divine energy and 10 pure refinement crystals claim under recover exp if they didn't do mpd the previous day.
- Allow players to purchase basic dimension essence for 300, intermediate for 600, advanced for 900, and extended for 1200 energy.
- Allow dimension battles (normal monster and reaper) skipped and completed for VIP players.
- Reduce the daily arena matches to 10.
- Allow players to energize all trees of one page.


  1. Remove stun from game
    Fix bound/unbound item issue

    1. I dont think they will remove stun. After a long time, it got fixed - and now they put it back, as a heavy casher tool :(
      the bound unbound thing, yeah, it's annoying, I agree.

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  3. Give at least 72 hour notice when they are going down for maintenance, lists specific changes ("optimized" don't cut it), and any new upcoming events so people can plan ahead as to what game changes are coming.

    1. I totally agree with you. I will never understand why 7road and R2 can't get together such a simple thing as communication.

  4. You sir, truly knows what a veteran player wants.

    Also with consideration of wesley hsieh to remove stun and fix bound/unbound item issue.
    And the return of daily minigames instead of rotation would be great.
    Personally, I would really love it if they could either drop sylph soul synthesis requirement to 10 shards for a lvl 1 sylph soul,
    or add lvl 1-4 sylph souls into wilds shop, with lvl 3 and 4 sylph souls being the rare items for wilds stones.

    Meanwhile, event rewards get more anticipated in league of angels :)

    1. Well, sylph souls are now in wilds shop. But I doubt you will like it, See new patch for yourself, I have no right to spoil the moment.

    2. Yes, divinity soul is still out of reach for most. Reducing exchange rate of shards from 100 to 10 would be a good solution. But I wonder if div soul shard still drop in the new dimensions (after patch)...

  5. And so did they nerf the only source of bound balens from dimensions with this recent patch?
    **** those devs to the ends of the earth if it is true..

    1. Totally nerfed it. Used to make 200-300 balens daily, never been a problem since I started playing (dec-14) until now.