Aerial Fleet chest analysis

Here is the usual analysis of the current Wartune chest exchange. This time we got plenty of free
chests, and there are some good exchanges around too for "Aerial Fleet chest".

First of all, let's check the chest contents:
Blood of Zeus - I maxed my eudaemon, and never spent balen on it, so this is still junk.
Eudaemon Skill Chest - you can buy it for gold in guild shop, so it's junk.
Ice core, soul core - junk, divine energy is the problem , not this.

Green flame - limited use, but you certainly don't want to open an item sold for 20 balen from a chest which is sold for 39.
And the rest - cloth, mount - are rares, usual rarity is 0,1% for each. So you will get one useful item for every 200 chest. I recommend do not open chests, but exchange them in hot events.

There are the worthwhile exchanges:
1. Cloth. Since it's S quality, it can give a decent BR boost. After some thinking, I bought all 3 pieces. The weapon is not so great to a mage, but the game is rather BR contest in many areas than an actual player power contest. The wing also worth mentioning. At 120 chest, it's just too expensive, even when S quality. However, you should be aware there is a title associated with owning all 4 pieces, giving additional boost. So it's almost a good buy. Still, I didn't buy this, I hope to get it cheaper in the future.

2. Franken rabbit. You know I'm a mount-fan, and I always went for mounts in any chest exchange. But with the introduction of beast shards, there is a high probability I can get this mount later, significantly cheaper.

3. Beads of influence. The new stun in the game is very annoying. I know that whales can beat me, still, I hate not having a chance. Previously, if I had the right resist, I could beat big spenders, but not anymore. So for me, pumping up influence is a high priority. And now I found this an okay deal, I even spent balens to buy additional chests: I bought 129 chests, which would cost 5k balens, and used a 2k coupon to reduce it to 3k balens. I got back the coupon, which I used to buy another bunch, then another bunch. So for 9k balens, I got 1300 beads of influence (+300 influence). 

4. Titan stones and shards. As always, the leftover chests I spend on getting these to put the free shards ("Fleet medals") to use. Along with what I got from last CW, I got my first mythic equipment, thx to this. I did not want to make mythic stuff until I had one equipment with max holy forge - which took some time since I refuse to pay balens on vulcan packs. But now I read on forum that even if your holy forge is not maxed, you can make it, since you can continue to do the old type holy forge first. So maybe I will go for more - but don't forget, most of the BR gain from this item comes from holy forge getting upgraded too. I got +12k BR but with minimal holy forge, it would have been much less.

Unlimited eudaemon synthesis event
This can be interesting too. Maybe you are wondering, if it is better to buy a bunch of diamonds instead of fleet chests, make the diamonds, and get a lot of chests in the process. Here is a calculation:
Let's say you buy 600 edaemon diamond chests (200 at a time, for 3400 balen instead of 5400 with a 2k coupon, and you repeat this 2 more times). 
You will get approx. 300 lvl 1 diamonds, 150 lvl 2 diamonds, 100 lvl 3 diamonds, 45 lvl 4 diamonds and 5 lvl 5 diamonds (actual numbers may vary!)

So instead of getting 387 chests (see above), you can get 253 chest AND 20 lvl 7 eudaemon diamonds. So effectively, you exchange a bit less than 7 aerial fleet chest for one lvl 7 eudaemon diamond. Pretty good deal - unless you are already full of lvl 7 diamonds, like me (and for me it cost only 3k balens). Of course, lvl 8 diamonds will come eventually, also there might be team events for multiple eudaemons in the future - but by then, maybe the diamonds will get even cheaper. It's all gamble, like everything in Wartune :) 

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  1. Lately your post after events end... Why?

    1. Actually, I posted this 2 days before the event ended. So I guess it wasn't late, because you should do the exchanges only on the last day anyway. I could say I did it so I have more info, but in truth, I didn't do it earlier because I'm lazy :)

    2. Slaps lazy mage... i was sure of that :)

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  2. less motivation to do it i think.
    Miklos, your blog is awesome help for wartune players, our guildies 80% coming here to see your advice

  3. found some new:
    RARE HP div stone level 5 = 4500bb+15stones