Chests and reward exchanges

First of all, I'm on holiday now, in a hotel with my family, enjoying the water slides of the nearby water park, so I'm less active in Wartune, but my mind is still set on the game.

Yesterday evening I started writing an analysis of the current double element sylph chest exchange. I wanted to say that content is junk, and of the exchanges, there is only one useful item to exchange for: divine energy. Then I realized the game designers proved another way how stupid they are and how much they lack the skill to design events. One of the 3 exchanges - the one where you could exchange this into divine energy - has already expired. I bet they have some kind of competition who is making more faulty events, who can piss of players more. Or it's just one person, and no one is supervising what kind of mistakes he does. 
Either way, it's irrelevant. This chest gives no cloth, no mount, the eudaemon warpath items are crap, the merged sylph components you wont need for a year... So I think I will just open my chests, and hope to grab a few beast souls, and that's it.

And tomorrow is already coming the next chest, the 3 year anniversary chest. I expected something that is finally useful, but its the same thing as weeks ago, a month ago. Chests seem to be identical now. 3 new cloth, a new mount, 30 bead of influence are the useful exchanges. Check the aerial fleet analysis for more info:

One more thing I wanted to mention now is the sheer number of reward exchange shops. Class War shop, Titan war shop, Cross-server guild battle shop, Arena shop... And the value of different items changed greatly.

Class War shop: For a long time, I kept buying mount whips there since it was the only useful item. After a while, they added a lot more items. Then advanced sepulcrum became my favorite. One month ago, when I maxed out holy forge, I bought mythic equipment components instead. But now you can get those fast from Narrenda remains: so again, advanced sepulcrum and mahra are my favorites, cheap from CW shop. I expect adv. sepulcrum to be inflated eventually. You can already find it in sylph arena, and maybe they will upgrade sylph expedition rewards finally. At that time, I will prolly buy the advanced holy forge "stoves".

Cross-server guild battle shop. For a long time, we bought vulcan's hammer (after possible new mount) without a thought. But now, we get 600 hammers weekly from Narrenda. So I went for blue crystalloids - I can't get them anymore from dimensions. When those will be maxed, prolly I just stick with fashion cores.

Titan war shop. I wrote already about this, there were 2 items there which you couldn't get from other sources, and the price was realistic: beads of influence and empire truncheon. Now you can get bead from chest events and mystery shop, so I buyempire truncheon there.

Arena shop: For a long while, will crystal was the favorite. But now we get so many in dimensions... Started buying runestones to max out my amnesia rune too. Maybe I will buy 1-1 potion too, so I can squeeze myself into top16 in CW, who knows...

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