Wartune big sale analysis

There is a big sale event in Wartune. I help you decide if it worth spending or not.

Whenever a sale event is running, you should decide 3 things:
1.) what is the worth of the bonus packs (ie. how much discount you get).
2.) is there anything worthwhile to buy.
3.) you still stay in the spending boundaries you set for yourself.
Big sales are nothing just a psychological marketing trick. Don't buy just because you feel you miss something. There is always another sale.

To determine the worth of packages, I use this article.
For value of clothes, I calculate with the standard shop value of 400 balens, 2000 for wings.
Please also note, that the average discount for recharge promotions, sales etc. is 20-25%. So you should consider buying if you get at least that discount.

Pack value of pack: 70 balens.   Total discount.  3.5%. Isn't worth it.

Pack value of pack: 325 balens. Together with the previous, you get a total pack value of 395 balens. having spent 5000, your total discount is 7,9%. Isn't worth it.

Pack value of pack: 598 balens. Together with the previous ones, you get a total pack value of 993 balens. having spent 10.000, your total discount is 9,9%. Isn't worth it.

Pack value of pack: 4900 balens. Together with the previous ones, you get a total pack value of 5893 balens. having spent 20.000, your total discount is 29,4%. Sounds okay IF you are willing to spend 200 (!!) USD (usually a full year subscription for a 3D mmorpg, and you can be a champion in the other browser game Doomlord by spending that much).

Pack value of pack: 2896 balens. Together with the previous ones, you get a total pack value of 8789 balens. having spent 30.000, your total discount is 29,3%.Any honest merchant should give a bigger discount if you spend more :( Especially, the clothes are poor quality. I don't recommend going this far.
Pack value of pack: 5114 balens. Together with the previous ones, you get a total pack value of 13903 balens. having spent 50.000, your total discount is 27,8%. Even worse than the previous one. The reason for this, because they know the whales buy it anyway, and us mere mortals don't.

Now let's see if there is anything worthwhile to buy?
There are a few reasonable things to spend balens on:
1.) You can buy some treasure maps in advance (until all your crystals are level 4, it worth buying an orange map each day, if everyone in your group does the same).
2.) You can buy some crypt keys too to open up 1-2 shields.
3.) Jewel Hunt now worth going until points 1600, you can spend some balen on this for these 3 days.
4.) Personally, I have some sylph skill I didn't buy, was waiting for a similar event.
5.) You might consider buying some fashion cores for clothing refine (but it worth ONLY if you refine an S cloth, with only 1 star).
6.) You shouldn't buy: mother's love pack (sold for 39 balens, worth only 25.68 balens, see sample calculation here, And for god's sake, don't buy rune pack either, it's a very bad deal.

So calculate for yourself, how much you can spend reasonably. If you think you can spend 20.000 balens on buys where you get at least +2000 BR, AND you can spare so much money, go ahead. Otherwise, ignore big spender.

One final note: you should wait with most of your purchases until the last day. You never know if they add a recharge event or something else which can make this look better.

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