Playing smart

In a good game, you have to make decisions. The more decisions, the more complicated the game, and the greater edge a clever player can have.

In Wartune, your decisions are limited. You can make decisions about how much money to spend, how much time to spend, what to upgrade, and what strategy to follow.
1.) About spending money, 
I already wrote in detail in my balen value of items article. Later on, I will write more about this subject. Also, when they make new offers and sales, will try to post entires if it worth it or not. Spending money is not part of playing smart: it's just a test of your wallet and your willpower.

2.) Spending time. 
Time is a valuable resource. You can play wartune 6-8 hours a day, or even more. If you don't have that much time, you have to prioritize what to do and what not. There are also ways to win time. Here is an article about spending time efficiently in wartune.

3.) What to upgrade. 
Some people spent months making their lvl 60 equipment. Some went directly for lvl 70 after 55. Some people upgrade only one sylph with all mahra and sepulcrum, some distribute these evenly between three. Making the right decisions can make you equal with people who spent 10 times more than you. A detailed article on this will follow soon.

4.) Strategy 
can include what skills to use, and in what order during fights (especially important in pvp, like class wars), how to defeat a rival guild during guild wars finals.

Right now, lets see how can we optimize play time. Click here to read the full article.

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