Cloth identification and sky trail

 Today's patch added the following changes to the game: cloth identification, sky trail and change in jewel hunt. Below follows a BR / balen evalution of these changes. 

Wartune Clothing identificationCloth identification. 
 First, you should identify all clothes you have. Order doesn't matter, it costs some gold, but in a few days at most you will identify all.
Refine is more tricky. You should follow this order until you run out of fasion cores (hopefully you saved up a lot from the Spire):
1.) refine all S clothes once.
2.) refine all other clothes once.
3.) refine all 2 star S clothes until you get more stars.
4.) refine all 3 star S clothes and all 2 star other clothes (about the same gain) until you get more stars.
I do not recommend refine 3+ stars A-D clothes and 4 stars S clothes. It just gives very poor BR for your balen.
Also I do not recommend buying fashion cores for 400 balens. There will be a sale eventually, just wait for it.

Sky trail.
Wartune Sky Trail
 Looks like a nice pve event at firt glance, but the excitement will wear off quickly. You have to try to finish off each monster with a big delphic when they are on very low hp so you get the S assessment bonus rewards.
About the reward horn: when you use it, be careful! The second horn used with the same card set cost balens (and no, it doesn't worth it). So better restart after each horn.

 Jewel Hunt changes.
Wartune Jewel Hunt changes
Jewel hunt point limits and rewards have been adjusted. The first chest needs only 300 pts (you will always reach it), the second needs 700 pts - most of the time you need to add 10 attempts to reach it. The second chest's value is 220 balens, so it worth going for it. The third chest is at 1600 points. It worth about 350 balens. You need to add 30-40 attemps to reach it, for 450-600 balens. You also earn goodies worth 300-400 balens while reaching the third chest, so I recommend going for this as well, if you have the balens. Going for the 4th chest doesn't worth it.

In balen values, I used this table. Jewel hunt shards worth 20 balens (you can get a chest in blacksmith synthesis from 10 shards which gives 50% nothing, 50% 400 balens worth). Please watch out, there is a trap here, you can synthetise a +50 mount also - but it's only valid for 7 days!

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