Free knighthood

Wartune promises that the knighthood requirements will be lowered with Wednesday patch. This means some free players will reach knighthood this week, and more / everyone will follow in the next 1-2 months. This is really good news! Knighthood was one of the few features where the price has dropped fast. First, it cost about 2000 USD for the whales in hurry, then they lowered it to like 200 USD, and due to an accident, you could buy it for even 50 a few weeks later. But those who were patient enough, and exchanged for adv. henna their chests each time when there was an opportunity, will now have KH.

Also do not forget that since many days, you can collect tatoo gift packs in Cloud city. You can find 10 henna in this pack with a high probability (like 25%?) So if you are devoted enough, and do all the 200 collections each day, you can get like 500 henna per day which is a decent amount, helping to reach knighthood even faster. I wonder why they never think of giving free adv. mahra :)

So, knighthood is within reach, here are some advices for you:

1.) Only half of the power comes from the skills. The other half comes from the talents. And those cost bound balens. A lot. Some months ago, I would have said, there is nothing better to spend on your precious bb. But now, bb is your only chance to get a bi-sylph. So my advice is, buy a few cheap talents for bb, and put it on res reduction, but as soon as it gets more expensive, save the rest of your bb. As you see, talent stones are given out occassionally, who knows we might even get enough eventually to buy talent points for them.

2.) The strength of knighthood is the 2 powerful delphic skills. With those, you can deal almost as much damage as with your sylph delphic. However, don't forget that skills are merely multiplying your current ATK. If your ATK is not high enough, KH will not make you a god either. I often meet in the arena complete teams with KH, who die easily. They did pay for knighthood, but they didnt have the other stats.

3.) KH not only gives you: it also takes away. Mages lose restoration, suntoria, blessing of light, purification. In the old times, with some well timed heals, combined with heal and guard runes, you could beat a stronger opponent. Hell, I even beat KH ppl when I wasn't KH. But after you reach KH, tactics is gone. Battles are just brute force. Higher ATK wins.

4.) Be wary of the "titan system". It's a very bugged, badly designed, useless system. Instead of your second skill, an automatic skill is used. If you try to click a rune BEFORE that, you lose 2 actions, not one. This is the same as the amnesia bug. Also, after your 2nd action, the 2nd automatic rune triggers - taking away another action from you. A 90% damage reduction shield then a heal right after it in the first 2 rounds is not very useful - but losing 2 action is. Especially since on World boss you lose not only these 2 actions, but the double hit as well. So I recommend not taking the titan rune at all until you can get the 3rd, the death rune. But I also know it gives some resist and resist reduce, so some of you wont be able to resist it... and then curse like me :)

5.) You won't get the KH skills to max automatically. You need to collect XP for that. Best XP is campfires (do all 3 each day), and MPD / ToK / Spire runs. If you saved up a crapload of xp scrolls and stamina potions, now is the time to use them. Especially during XP buff from you servers CW champion.

If you want to know more about how much henna you need and how to spend it, see my previous articles here and here.


  1. for exp, also bountys scroll (19M exp there if all orange) and Guild tree (35M exp if you lvl up your tree exp guild skill to lvl 8-10). Also if u get married u get like 30% bonus wich is very nice.
    .No scroll: TOK(48M exp), spire(36M exp), mpd(26M exp), bountys(19M exp), guild tree(30M exp), campfire x3(27M exp), catas (2M exp), necro(15M exp), maze (15M exp), campaigns 200 energy (20M exp). Total a day: 238M exp at least. Try to use exp scroll and do all exp runs. If u get crypt keys use them for necro (never on regular catas)