Holy forge and advanced henna

I was surprised to see that although Wartune lowered the requirements for knighthood, still, very few free players could make it. I know I made over 20000 free advanced henna during events, so I know it's possible, but I realized some of you don't know how to do it, so I share with you the trick.

The big problem with the "free" advanced henna, that is costs 120 chests, and you can claim it only for 3 days. In those 3 days, usually the only event is holy forge. And, like everyone else, you probably finished holy forging most of your equipment, and only the artifact and halidom remains. Holy forging those require a lot of materials, there is no way to do enough to claim 120 chests. Then how to do it?

It's simpler than you would think. Do the old holy forge. You must have tons of unused vulcan hammers and stoves. So all you need is gold for holy forge, and components to make an item which you can holy forge.

First, you need to make a level 70 item in Blacksmith -> Synthesize -> Apply -> Lvl 70 Sets.
You need only 150 lvl 6 crystalloids. If you are doing Nirvana hell every day (which you should, if you are not KH yet) you must get 10x lvl 6 crystalloids each day. Also you can buy them for insignia in the insignia shop - prolly you have a lot of surplus insignia. After this, the second step is to make the item legendary. You can do this under Blacksmith -> Synthesize -> Upgrade -> Lvl 70 sets:
The components are: the lvl 70 armor you just made, lvl 70 legendary armor shards, and 150 lvl 70 legendary stones. The legendary armor shards are easy to get, if you do archeology each day, you will have plenty of such shards. You can find them under "Decorate" of each area in the archeology menu. The area depends on which armor you make. (Choose the one of which you have enough lvl 70 and lvl 80 shards). If you don't do archeology for some reason (you should) or accidentally sold these, you can still buy the armor shards for crypt tokens.
The legendardy stones you can buy in the guild shop. If you do guild beast each day, the cost of these in fangs will be only pocket exchange.
The last step is to upgrade the item to lvl 80 armor:
You need llvl 80 armor shards (you can get them the same way as the lvl 70 shards, from archeology or crypt shop) and level 80 legendary stones (same way as lvl 70 ones, from guild shop for fang of fears).
So now you have an item which can be holy forged. You sill need a lot of gold. Sadly, Wartune removed most ways to get gold in the game. So you have to rely on what remains:
- 2 minute World Boss sessions (still 10M gold each for me)
- plunder an inactive (4M gold per day)
- and Dragon Invasion - if you do it until lvl 18-19, you will get like 50M gold!

Be careful - this is an expensive thing in resources, and you certainly can't repeat it unlimited times. The most limiting factor will be gold. So do it wisely. Calculate how many chests you need (probably you can get only 120), and calculate how can you get this amount with the minimum amount of holy forges done in 3 days.

Also don't forget, seemingly the devs are devoted to inflating adv. henna, so you will be able to get more and more in the future cheaper and cheaper.


  1. or a hit just craft rings with crypt tokens in crypt shop its faster

  2. You went into such great detail to explain how we can craft more pieces of level-80-gear once we complete the holy forging of our original 80-gear, but then you do not tell us how we can holy forge the new ones!!! How are we going to learn to holy forge our new 80-gear after we finish holy forging our old 80-gear!?!?!

    1. I'm not sure I understand your question... After you finished holy forge with vulcan hammers and stoves, and upgraded equipment to red, you can use vulcan clamps and stithy to further holy forge your equipment.

  3. I Think Unknown was mocking you, Miklós.

    1. Then he failed to make himself understood :)