Current recharge event

Hey guys, after some pause, finally something interesting is happening in Wartune which worth a blog entry. They added a recharge event, where one of the bonus items - after 1000 USD recharge - is a bi-sylph seal:

I know this will gonna happen eventually. But I'm rather surprised how it is happening. Some people have confirmed that now you can buy bi-sylphs using bound balens instead of real balens. A pretty neat turn of events, especially since this was never published (on the contrary, R2Games was denying vehemently this, saying first it was just a typo, and they modified the description later). So anyway, a bi-sylph seal is 60K bound balens. 

Also, with every recharge, you used to get 150% bound balens. Not anymore. A 100K balen recharge should give 150K bound balens. Now, you get a seal worth 60K balens instead. A reasonable deal? Hardly. Okay, they give more adv. mahra and beast souls than usual. But after hundreds of players hacked themselves a completely free bi-sylph, and it was never taken from them, I would say, this deal is not good. Not at all. Wait some more months, free bi-sylph is coming in hot events! Very much like Hades and orange sylph.

And anyway - who would recharge 1000 USD after all the nerfs they did in past months?

Another interesting news I read on R2Games forum is about "Voyage". No details yet, but they say, we will finally able to put our useless resources to good use. This is something we want since years, so if they really implement a useful feature (and I don't mean something like marriage tree, where you can exchange your useless stuff to even useless stuff).


  1. yeah, now you can get a fuse sylph with bbs, but now R2 doesnt give bbs

  2. They just added the balen lode thing where you get the 150% bound balens + $1k recharge event is still going on. Maybe now it seems more appealing for those willing to spend that much hahaha.

    1. mm... true, but no balen rebacle and chest are from the past event in the recharge bonus pack....