Running out of goals

Compared to most other games, Wartune was pretty good at constantly giving new goals to players for a long time. But lately, it's getting harder.

I'm building my precious Hades since a year, and yesterday it became orange as well. so one less goal... I thought I will be happy when I make it finally orange, but I'm just sad, since I can't advance him further :( And now everyone is running from me in BG, while it was purple, it was easier to find opponents.

I have maxed out the following:
- XP
- astrals
- mount hoofs (well, almost)
- soul crystal
- fate stone
- dragon soul
- gems (well, all lvl 10, can't really get anywhere further)
- equipment

What I can still work on:
- astral refinement
- enchanting sylph gear
- soul seals (although I have 16k SS saved up, so if they add the SS event I wait for, I might get close to max it immediately)
- honors (to gather up for the future medal update)
- mount whips
- runes
- holy forge
- resist crystals

I would love to see some exchange mechanism in Wartune where I can turn my extra dragon souls, soul crystals, fate stones etc. into mounts and clothes I don't have :)

Tomorrow is a big spender event, and it is quite funny:

It gives sylph gear and enchantment (we get too much for free, worth nothing), gems (got 100+ lvl 10 for free, so dont need them either), sepu and mahra (orange sylph! don't need them either), soul seal (did I mention I have 16k and never paid for it?), dragon soul (maxed since a long time!). So the only valuable item here is the event chests.

And why I say funny? Because I started the playing only 1 year later, and didn't spend tens of thousands of dollar on it - still, these packs are useless to me. Then what do the real whales think, who are the primary targets of these sales?

Yeah - big spender packs should include vulcan hammers, resist crystals, mounts, crypt keys, bound balens, mount whips, lvl 11+ gems and not a few million, but a few 100 million gold to look appealing.

By the way - how do you like the new silent nerf? That crypt keys almost never drop in blitz now. Nice, isn't it?


  1. Szia! :)
    Gyatra a game már, a mókát nem nagyon találok benne......(ritka)
    2013 május óta játszom(volt szünet, hónapok), sokszor tényleg csak azért maradok, mert találtam 3-4, igazán jó játékost és barátot egyben.
    Én csak vip-et töltöm, szal nem vásárolok balens-t,
    Maga a blog nem rossz, próbálsz segíteni lehetőségeidhez mérten, csak így tovább Miklós! :)

    1. szia, köszi! én 2013 márc óta, nem volt szünet :)

  2. Can we draw any conclusion with the new servers rolled out weekly?
    All I know is that they are reeling in gold-fish from seasoned players in old servers with maxed chars,
    who don't mind starting out again - the whole long and tiresome process of building char from shard synthesis as we all know of.
    Some claim that we are whining and that lag is the major issue of the game.. all these aren't that important at all. With all the audacious and untimely events going on, the call of a good exchange event and events to help lower levels on hero upgrading that players hope for is becoming a far cry..

    So I guess the only real challenge now is: to limit (not max out) time on wartune this year than before ...
    I'll try DoomLord soon enough this year, wish me the best! :)

    1. Yeah I think there are hard-core players who like the challenge of starting all over, I was never that type :)
      Good luck in Doomlord!

  3. Miklos,
    A great wartune goal, write more of your always superb articles!!