Bloody inferno and cloud adventures

Here is a short overview of Wartune's last 2 additions, Bloody inferno and cloud adventures.

Bloody inferno
Bloody inferno is a multi-player event, you can access it at Hall of Heroes, Events, where ToK and Spire is. You can do it only once per day, so you can't help others. Please be aware of a bug: Dragon Invasion and Bloody inferno attempts are connected. Ie. if you do 2 DI runs, you will not get reward in Bloody inferno! 

Bloody inferno is similar to Dragon Invason. You kill bosses, and you collect loot afterwards. Instead of 30 minutes, there is a 20 minute limit here. There is one big difference, before each boss, you have to kill 4 waves of trash mobs. There are only 6 bosses, if you kill all, the event is over. Bloody inferno does not require balens and it relatively easy, seemingly designed for new players. People with medium BR can reach the last boss. You can also use buffs to help in the fight. In par with that, the reward is much weaker than what you can find in DI.

- shards for a temporal mount (requires 4-5 runs per week). Temp mounts are a failed invention in Wartune. You should make it only once, to increase your max mount whip level. Also it's okay to make for BR events (not that there are many) and that's it...
- blood crystals. These are used to buy buffs, and drop from the trash waves. Since with a decent BR you don't need buffs, then you don't need these either. You can do the mpd a bit faster if you don't loot these.
- chests. You can make treasure chest I, II or III from 100, 150 and 200 shard. We made some chest III. Contained randomly one of these: 30 bound balens, 12 whips, 12 fate stones, 20 crystal shards. Since this requires 2 runs, I would say this is a neglectable treasure. 
- sylph gear. Have more than enough from other sources already.
- gold. This is the only useful loot here. You can get a few million. But the game already has enough gold-farm events daily. World boss, DI, Atoll boss, all giving better reward/time. 

Cloud adventures
Unlike Bloody Inferno, Cloud adventures is fast, and gives good reward. You can do it only on the weekend. It's very simple, you run through a course by rolling a dice, and you fight waves of monster and bosses. You have 15+1 fire rolls. The +1 roll is a magic dice, there you can choose the number instead of rolling it. You can buy additional magic dices for 180 bound balens each.
The 16 roll might or not might be enough to complete the run. My advice here is that when you are getting near a boss (5 or less moves) use the magic dice to be able to attack it. This way you sure to finish the adventure and get nice loot from the bosses.
In fights, you use +2 sylph instead of troops. You can ask assitance from other players. There doesn't seem to be any confirm button on that like with jewels, the other player don't even know if he is helping (so grab the top players if the bosses are too hard for you). There are some treasure chests too, do not use magic dice for those. For me, it contained only war flags (extra assist attempt, useless), and once there was a magic dice inside.


  1. Both events have something in common: dice rolls :/

    1. Bloody Inferno liken to Dragon Invasion
      Cloud Adventures liken to Golden Road (but way better)

  2. Anyways, I forgot to mention that about grand lottery,
    my practice would be to stick to either the same tarot and keep changing the horoscope
    or stick to the same horoscope while keep changing the tarot.
    If one of the symbols got a match (winning bid), then change this one and retain the other one.
    I believe that this will reduce the spread in possibility of getting a winning bid, but who knows how random
    it may be... What's your take on this?

    1. I believe in absolute random... so imho what you choose or was rolled previously will not affect you winning chance in any way :)