Titan weapon rune exchange

Looks like the Wartune developers finally dropped the the matrjoska-chest concept (when you buy a chest, it will be a gamble what chest you get). Still, chest contents are pretty disappointing lately. Here is a quick analysis of the titan weapon runes.

Let's see the contents:
Blood of Zeus - junk, I will max out my eudaemon in a month, completely free, using only farm.
100k gold - junk.
Eudaemon skill chest - junk, you can buy it for gold in guild shop.
Green flame - a 20 balens shop item, you certainly don't want to pay 39 balens for it.
Ice Spirit Core and Soul Core - junk, you get a lot more in elemental forest than Divine Energy. So you will have piles of these rotting in your inventory while you still lack Divine Energy.
Divine Energy - could be good item, if it wasn't super rare. Got like, 1 from 100 chest last time.
Skeleton Dinosaur card - the ONLY good item in the chest. Too bad that the chance is prolly the usual 0,1%.

Now let's see the possible exchanges:
You know I'm not a big fan of gambling. Since the developers again managed to mess up something (eudaemon diamond synthesis is told to be "once per event" but it's actually unlimited) I managed to have enough free titan weapon runes to exchange for a skeletal dinosaur and a hat.

The question is, what should you do if you don't have enough weapon runes to get the mount.
1.) Buy enough weapon runes so you can exchange for the mount. If you need to buy only a small amount for (max 2k balens), guess it's still an okay deal for a +50 mount. But if you need more, I wouldn't spent if I were you.
2.) Just open the chests and hope for good luck. I advise against this. If the chests would contain some useful items too, it would be okay. But if you have 100 weapon runes, open all, and get NOTHING, that would feel real bad.
3.) Exchange them for clothing instead. If I didn't have enough free runes, I would have done this. Cloth is always +BR. I wouldn't buy wing, though, wing is no more valuable than any other clothes in my eyes, so I will buy / exchange for them only when the developers realize this too.
4.) Along with weapon scraps, exchange them for Wartune mythical equipment pieces, ie. Titan Stone and Titan Iron shard. I strongly disagree with this. First, you are in no hurry to make mythical equipment (unless you maxed out holy forge, which I doubt). Second, there are too many other sources to get these items: class wars shop, titan shop and prolly the new 8-person mpd.

What to do with weapon scraps? It's an item for all events in June, so it can be useful, save it up. Or, if you in need of runestones or fashion shards, get those.


  1. thank you for your analysis, helped me do decide. and lucky for me, got those kids diamonds crafting frenzy and got enough to get mount.

  2. Grats! I'm glad my post was helpful :)

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