Ideas to recycle junk in Wartune

We have a new event in Wartune, Sky Adventure. To access higher rewards in this event, you will surely need to spend balens; however, ALL rewards but the very last are completely useless for anyone who is playing Wartune since a while and spent some balens. I think it's time to bring up the topic again: most events in Wartune award only useless junk.

The game has many events, with many different rewards which can be used to advance different things. This was cool at the beginning, it was fun to advance so many things, I had so many goals. But now I play since 2 years and 3 months, spent some balen too - and 95% of the rewards I get are useless junk. I wonder what the people feel who play since longer, and spent a lot more?

For most of us, rewards, goals, advancements are important things in a game. If they are no more - the game is dead. To me, it is particularly frustrating when the game has one thing to advance, I do events, earn reward: but after a certain point, I can't use the items I earned, I can only use items to advance the VERY SAME stat if I buy something at a ridiculous price - while, at the same time, the resource used for that stat is rotting in my inventory.

Examples are refinement locks (can't use them for sylph equipment refining), advanced sepulcrum and mahra, fate stones vs beads of influence.

But this is the problem with most other rewards as well.

Experience points, crystalloids, legendary stones, fate stones, soul crystals, refinement locks, star tears, star sands, sylph equip shards, sylph exp scrolls, golden holy water, dragon souls... we keep getting these literally everywhere. Sepulcrum, mahra, runestones, mount hoof can be still useful to some, but not to veteran players.

And this is not an old problem, lack of upgrading rewards for old events. Even new events - like sylph expedition - award crap. Even chests - which you can buy for balens! - contain useless junk.

My real problem is that this generates more and more frustration to me. Why the developers ignore this obvious problem? Why they try to sell newer and newer resources at astronomical prices? Gift of god, for example? Who would pay 20.000 balens - 200 USD - to increase a sylph's HP by 1500? Or empire truncheon? Next medal for me requires 1600, which is 128 USD. No, thx.

Anyway, I have my solution. This is something my other favorite game, Doomlord is using. It could make happy the players, and as such, it would be good for the game and it's owners as well. Also it wouldn't require much effort. In Doomlord, you can exchange use / useless items as resources in activities. They could do the same here.

Make a new exchange, where you can sell junk items for some new resource, like „junk coupons”. Crystalloids, soul crystals etc. Also allow players to purchase „junk crystals” for 500.000 XP each. And allow players to purchase items using junk coupons, junk crystals and balens/bound balens. For example, you could buy a vulcan hammer for 100 junk coupon, 1 junk crystal and 5 balens. Or a empire truncheon for 20 junk coupon, 1 junk crystal and 1 balen. Or an advanced sepulcrum for 60 junk coupon, 1 junk crystal and 3 balens. And so on... This way, exp would be useful again, and people would be happy to utilize their junk. Prices / ratio etc. subject to change...

Because right now, Sky Adventure, with the grand reward of 100 soul crystal or fate stones is not... very appealing :)


  1. An exchange would be perfect. I for one still need runes -- I didn't have that many CoA left when that 6k rune offer came along, and amnesia/chaos are stupid expensive -- and have only one maxed sylph so mahra/crums are still useful, so I would gladly trade useless fate stones/sc/dragon souls etc for them. So of course this will never happen :P

    I'm guessing most of these are aimed at newer players/cashers. With crappier rewards in current events (or things like gems/clothing starting at higher and higer levels), plus things like jewel/fishing being on a rotation, plus having missed out on the Golden Age of events last fall, these resources that are junk for us are useful to them, the problem is they don't run alternate events alongside them for the vets. Would it really be that hard to run an alternative exchange for adv crums/mahra/soul seals along with the regular ones, to give us a choice? But then, they still think sylph xp scrolls, single eud skill book chests, or 10 sylph equip shards are good event rewards. An improvement over the 1-2 star sand they used to give us, but still...

    1. Yes these stuff can be still useful to a brand new player. I wonder, how many of them around, compared to us veterans? The main problem - as always - is complete lack of communication, they make changes without coming to the forum and talking to us.

    2. http://forum.r2games.com/showthread.php?180025-How-wartune-events-are-made


  2. I totally agree with you on sky adventures.
    Yet, I was still hoping sylph divinity souls will be put up in wilds shop,
    instead of useless shards in dimension drop.
    Unfortunately, most of the things rotting in inventory can't be used until reaching a levelling point of time.
    Would be nice if the rewards are as you suggested and more:
    fashion cores, gd luck charms, gift / blessing of god, bead of influence, sylph divinity soul

    The real problem with wartune is they keep coming up with new items (mount, clothing, etc) with every event and update,
    and still not willing to release other items (fashoin cores, luck charms, sylph souls, star sand, star tear, old clothing, old mounts) that should be in redundancy like mahra and mount whips. So no way for players to catch on unless they do a big spender for sylph growth or something like that. But is it worth considering to spend on a casino gambling game, now that the rewards all don't have a safe guarantee you'll get what you want for your buck? :/