Reaching devotion 300

It seems reaching the 300 devotion in Wartune is possible for a free player, I could do it in the past days. But you have to do literally EVERYTHING. Fall asleep for the 10 seconds while the world boss is alive, or engage in guildbeast a monster before you reach the boss, and likely you are not going to make it. You have to do 5 bounty quests, 5 circuit quests, 5 duels, nether forest cross-server and many other things you prolly didn't do before. Also it sounded cool that I have to do tok, spire, DI, BI only once per week: but actually, I still have to do them each day for devotion! Okay, in DI, BI, tok do only the first monster, and in spire run it afk, but still, this takes time. Add to this that you have to check voyage every 20 minute to refresh for orange trips, and we end up playing more hours daily than before the patch. Getting +40 devotion from being VIP can help, you can have the luxury of skipping 2-3 things, but for me it's still not a good enough timesaver to spend money on it.

Another disappointment for me is the voyage shop. It seems this shop only have a few items, and most of them are as useless as the items you spend to get the coins. Who needs vulcan stoves, blood of zeus and normal henna? And this is 90% of the goodies you can buy there. There are also the gift / blessing / compliment of god series for upgrading sylph. Well, I got the 6 red equipment for free in the past events, but sure can spend a bit more time collecting a set for my secondary sylph. But that's all, the end of this failed experiment called "voyage". Some say there are wraithstones too, but I haven't seem those since a week, and that's also an item we get for free anyway and will need only a limited amount. If you have seen some unusual, rare item in the voyage shop, please let me know so we can post it here!

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