Wartune gold guide

First of all, Happy New Year to all Wartune players! I would like to thank you for following my blog and reading my articles. If you like them, please recommend them, post links to them, and follow. And if you need some break from Wartune, try Doomlord, my other browser-based favorite game :)

I would like to start the new year with an article which is hopefully equally useful to all. Not some general gold guide, but something prolly even I will re-read :) Some events in Wartune require a lot of gold. When a 1-3 day event gives unlimited reward for an action which requires a lot of gold (like clothing identification, astral, or especially, sylph gear enchant) then you need that gold fast – even when usually you can't even spend it. So here is my collection how to hoard gold and what sources you have available when you want it.

World Boss rewards in mailbox. When you get gold reward for WB in your mailbox, don't claim it. Thats your gold reserve for 30 days. You can apply this to other gold rewards (from recharge, from compensation etc).

Gold chests. When you find gold in forms of chests – gold chests, sack of gold from Jewel Hunt, even Atoll Boss 1st prize chests – don't open them, save them up. When they take up too much space, you can just use the „put in guild altar, ask a kick-reinvite, and store it in your mailbox” trick. Try do 5 jewel hunt helps each day to accumulate such chests.

Gold items. There are many items which can be sold for a decent amount of gold, 500-1000 gold each. Crystalloids, legendary stones, luck stones, xp books are useless items which most people sell instantly like every other junk. But if you save these, they can be a great gold reserve as well. If you have too many of them, you can just store them in your mailbox until you need them. When you replace a previous armor set, save the old items, you can sell them for lot of money when you need gold.

You can even „generate” gold-store items, although it is recommended only when you can't even spend your golds on astral. In guild shop, buy the lvl 2 potions. They cost 5 contribution and sell for 1000 gold, so this „banking” is quite expensive. But first, contribution you can get for free (like from CW goblin thieves and GB victories), and second, when you have nothing to do with the gold just spend 600 million on some micro-astral-bonus, then you can save it this way.

If you are a VIP member, save up VIP tokens. They can get you a lot of gold. Just keep rolling if you have 500k gold + 2x 5 mount whips. If you are more patient, wait for the 20/60k gold too and 1-2 whip as well.

You can exchange insignia into gold. Buy lvl 3 xp books, they sell for 2k gold each. Do this only if you have a lot of extra insignia from tok NM etc. Insignia was great resource while you could use it for marriage tree, but it is not possible anymore.

You can exchange crypt tokens into gold chests in crypt shops. Please note that although lvl 80 chars don't need crypt tokens for making item sets, buying ATK scrolls in large numbers is still a good use for them. So spend crypt tokens on gold only when you have a lot of extra, and in desperate need of gold.

You can buy gold sacks for syph crystalloids (the ones you get for killing Atoll Boss) at the sylph exchange NPC. Since soul crystal became useless, it's okay to exchange some of these for gold when you are in dire need.

You can get gold in amethyst exchange, but do that only if you have so many extra whips you know you never need more.

Since the hero dungeons are added, there is an SSS clearance bonus for each map with HUGE gold reward. This is a good gold reserve too. Just do each campaing map to SSS except for one. When you need the gold, do the last dungeon too, and claim the millions of gold.

Don't forget that sky trail gives gold too. Effectively, you can sell your celestine stones for 20K gold each. You just have to die quick :)

And, of course, on gold-intense days dont miss Wbs, DI, try to do multiple Atoll bosses, grab 2 gold mines and do 5 plunder on some rich target :)

  • Spending balen on World Boss (even when you need the gold). It's a very, very bad deal.
  • Doing alchemy. It's even worse than World Boss.
  • Spending balen in any other way to get gold.


  1. Another good source of gold:
    fishing (lvl 5) - enhanced bounty scrolls (worth 5k gold), luck stones (worth 3k gold)
    Hoard them and sell them for their gold worth
    Refinement locks need not be more than 100; just sell the excess for gold as well :)
    *shadow crystals - white elephant

    1. Enchanted bounty scrolls and refinement locks, good ones, thx for the hint!

  2. You can do one alchemy a day for free, for gold and daru

    1. That is league of angels, in wartune, even the first alchemy is 50 balens.

    2. No it is free 1 try on both
      But you have to have balens to do it or it won't work

    3. You need to be VIP and have 50 unbound balens in your account. You can do one alchemy and one daru alchemy for free per day. It wont cost you balens, but you need it in your account.

      I suspect this is a bug and it will be fixed.

  3. you forgot about sylph equipment shards

    1. I doubt there are many people who have 6 sylph fully equipped so they can sell them for gold :) But in a half year, yes, that will be gold item too.