Divinity soul and other great combos

I spent a lot of time on the weekend converting all my leftover cloth into sepulcrum and mount whips. I had about 70 chest of cloth (where I really need only like 10 for the next 3 cloth event) so converted 60 into like 4000 sepulcrum and 12000 mount whips, which, in turn, netted me like 240 extra new year chests. 

The cloth chests I got for free from the last 4-5 cloth events. I got like 100 new year chests for free from resist crystal and other events, but had no real luck so I bough 52 more for 1600 balens. At the end, I got a full set of cloth, mount, 70 divinity souls, 4000 sepulcrum, 12000 mount whip and other goodies. Pretty good deal in exchange for 1600 balens and items I didn't really need anyway. 

The usual sylph gear events are up now: divinity soul and sylph gear enchantment.

Divinity soul

Making higher level divinity souls need a LOT of lvl 1 gems normally. 4x for lvl2, 16x for lvl3, 64x for lvl 4, and 256x lvl5. Considering the shop price (100 balen / divinty soul) and how little BR they give, this looks a very bad deal. Fortunately, you could farm some divinty souls for free with the above cloth conversion combo, and the hot event rewards halve the cost of making them.

If you can do every combines each day, it can save you 170 divinity souls daily, 680 in total!

I did both previous divinty soul hot events, spent about 2k balens each time. After the second event, I had 5x lvl 4 gems, 3x lvl3 gems and a bunch of lvl1 gems. Using these and the 70 gems I found from the new year chests, now I will end up with 3x lvl5 gems, and several lvl 4 and lvl3 - without spending balens.

The theory is the same as with the resist crystals. If you do as much combines as possible during (and only during) the hot events, then you do the upgrades at mega-discount. If I would just buy a large amount of lvl1 gems and make them into 3x lvl5 and some lvl4, it would cost me 100k balens! But this way it cost only 4k, giving approx. +4k BR to my sylph (and me). So you can achieve very good BR / balen if you make the right investment which can multiply by time.

I do the same with clothes and resist crystals. With a total of 3k balens spent, now I have 2x lvl7, 2x lvl6 and many lvl5 resist crystals. But you have to be patient, always do the proper amount of combines during events which get you the maximum reward.

Sylph gear enhancement

This is the biggest gold sink in Wartune's history. I had a purple sylph gear which I could upgrade to orange, but waited until this event to do this. Making a lvl 20 purple equip cost me like 200M+ gold. Unfortunately, when you upgrade it to orange, you have to enchant it from level1. And while my lvl 20 purple equip gave 3262 ATK, the brand new lvl1 orange only 750. After spending all my gold and reserves (like 150M in total), it's only lvl 15 and gives only 2379ATK. So it looks like when you upgrade a lvl20 purple to an orange lvl20, it will be only 50 more attack (!!!). Max. enchant level is 24 only, so you don't gain much. 

So the funny thing is, we have the sylph gears, we even have the glints/moonlights do upgrade them - but lack gold (or at least, I do). Fortunately, this event lasts for 3 days so I can spend everything I earn during this time as well.

Right now, it looks like that the only sylph equip which might worth upgrading to orange is the one which gives attack (and even that is a hell lot of gold for a neglectable bonus).

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