Not a VIP anymore

One of my first advices were, "There is one thing you must buy - it's the VIP membership."

The XP bonus for a beginner is a must, not to mention the other advantages. Funny thing, that after 16 months of play, I got to the point where even VIP is not necessary... so I cancelled it. Let's see why:

  1. XP bonus. I think it's about since 5 months I maxed out my level and all my talents. XP is useless to me. And since I'm on S181, I wonder how people on the early servers feel. This is a huge failure from Wartune designers. They should have added more talent levels, if nothing else so XP does not lose it's worth.
  2. No honor lose in BG. I'm Lord Divine since... I don't really now. So I go into BG only when a Hot event requires. 
  3. VIP tokens. Breaking down, it's about 150k gold and 2 mount whips per day...
  4. VIP chest in dungeons. I have full lvl 80 set, so no thx :)
  5. Extra kyanite for plunder. Nearly all academy skills maxed out, and that few k kanyite doesn't make a difference.
  6. No cooldowns. These were the best part of VIP. Too bad I'm doing only one sylph arena max, the 5 claim gold in town heal I can do without VIP. Also duels are doable too. Astral - I never use it, because the VIP astral capture is still bugged, and gives 30% less astral XP and astral points than manual. 
  7. Weekly pack - will miss the luck stones, and my 999 skeleton key pack might run out one day, but we all have to make sacrificies... Same for the +10 mount :)
  8. Mystery shop, alchemy, daru limit... never click on those hoaxes.

So in, short, I'm not a VIP anymore. As soon as xp has any use again, I will renew it. Also correcting the astral bug, adding more honor levels, updating the VIP pack and chest would help.

I know I'm going to extreme in "minimizing balen spendings", but right now, the above pack does not worth me even 800 balens a month... For the same reason I'm not subscribing to Spirit covenant either, only 1-2 components.


  1. Would you please do the balen analysis on the newest magic pot event? They have some regular good items like wings, mount, clothes, fate stones. Then this time, they have some great items like 100 fashion cores, lvl 5 will crystal, lvl 8 gem. DROOLS!!!

    1. I could do an analysis only if I would know the chances, but I don't :( But this is a gamble, so stay away from it, unless someone makes enough rolls (several hundred!) so we can calculate expected values. What I learned from the many forum posts, everyone is getting only crap items, where the worth is about 20 balens. On the list there are maybe 10-20 useful and great item, but be assured, the total chance to win any is less than 1%...

  2. for what i see, 200 refinement 2 seems the most common drop... so not sure it's a wise choice to do this magic pot :(