Tree-shaped chest analysis

Wartune's new chest, tree-shaped chest has a new twist. Although its the usual matrjoska, if you open it, you can either get the (totally useless) chest from previous week, or the new chest. The trick is, in hot event exchanges, they don't ask for the new chest, they ask for the tree-shaped chest.

So first, the warning: DO NOT OPEN TREE-SHAPED CHESTS as you used in the past with these matrjoska chests! 

Just keep them, and exchange them directly. Opening the chest for contents was much worse lately, because the mount drop rate was nerfed heavily. But now, opening it is twice as bad as before. Because now you can exchange the tree-shaped chests 1:1, instead of 1:2 in hot events.

So what to do with the chests?
For me, who desires only Odin, nothing else, the choice is obvious. I grabbed the last components needed to make Odin. So I got all these from the past 6 months events, completely free:

Yes I passed some mount and/or cloth set, but this was more important for me. I have the 2 maxed out orange sylph too, so need only the last component.

Fortunately, they added the "use 3000 mahra/sepulcrum" events again, so we got a lot of tree-shaped chests. If your goal is not getting Odin (Frigga, Thor) either because you bought it, or you think you will never have it, then my advice is pretty straightforward:

If you have enough tree-shaped chests, get the mount (wooo, the first +300 mount in Wartune!). Too bad it costs 1200 chest, so impossible to get without spending. If you decide to do so, do not forget, the optimal way for this is to buy 129 chest with a 2000 balen coupon, for "only" 3000 balens.

If you don't have enough chest, get the full cloth set (again, no risking by opening chests now, just exchange) for 210 chests. It a S cloth, a must-have! You will have some remaining tree-shaped chests after you got your cloth. I recommend do not open them, but grab some sylph merge material. In the far future, these might be useful. 

I know still a lot of people will open the chest, thinking they will be the lucky, opening the mount. Even when math and sane thinking says otherwise. I know I can't save the world, but if I save a few souls, already worth it :)


  1. Don't u need 1000 of each of those sun core things to go from loki to odin?

    1. 2 orange to Loki need 500 of each, plus 500 light&dark emblem. Loki to Odin needs 5000 moon rock and dust, and 1000 light&dark emblem. So its enough supposedly :)