Wartune new year sales

Here is a quick entry about the Wartune new year sale packs lasting only for today. You would think they are of good value, but as always, there is a trick about them.

First, there are 6 such packs in total. Each includes 200 snowman's chest, and some other items. The other items are mostly junk: soul seal, mount hoof, sepulcrum etc. There is one containing 200 advanced Henna. In short, this is junk as well. Please note that when you use henna, the stats seem to improve each time a bit. So by using normal henna, I already have +64/-32 tatoo. On the other hand, after using 100 adv. henna, I got a +47/-28 tatoo. So WHEN you reach the maximum with normal henna, MAYBE adv. henna can make it upgrade a bit further, but right now its a JUNK, which is nothing just the same as normal henna. The only chest which contains items an active player would need is "new year sale IV", which includes 200 adv.mahra and 200 adv. sepulcrum.

Every sale, the total value of sale you get is adding up the value of the items you buy, and the value of items in the 3 sale events (big sale, epic sale, consumption). Suprisingly, the devs outdone themselves, and were able to build all 3 sale to contain no useless items at all:
As you see, the supposedly best sale event contains only junk, except for the event chests.
The epic sale is not epic at all, its full of junk, even the event chest, because this one has expired a month ago, so you can't change it for anything. The only useful thing here is the miserable 10 cloth shards.
The big spender is not the usual junk, its even worse. Because instead of the snowmen chest, you get matrjoska chest, which is 50% useless: so this miserable 16 chest is actually only 8. (And yeah, they changed how the exchange works AGAIN, now you exchange the snowmans for the cloth, not the bauble chest).

So if you are intent on giving money to R2Games, here is the only option which you can vaguely consider:
1.) Grab a 2000 balen coupon.
2.) Buy the pack for 5000 balens.
3.) Claim the miserable 38 event chest and 10 cloth shard for the spender events.
4.) Exchange the event chests for the cloth set.
All this for a grand total of 5000 balens (50 USD).

Since this cloth set does give a title, it worth about 3000 balens. When you buy adv. mahra and adv. sepu in other sales, with useful spender packs, their average value used to be 5 balen apiece. So actually, you get the usual items for the usual price: a full cloth set (with title) for 3000 balens, 200 adv. mahra and 200 adv. sepu for 1000-1000 balen each. I see no real discount here, its the same price as it always been. Just in the past months, you could get the cloth set for FREE, and the mount was the cash item, now you have to pay for even the cloth set because the current events don't seem to award enough event chest for that. A miserable new year sale indeed :(

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