How to get rid of the lag

I used to say, Wartune has 5 big problems:

1.) Lag (flash is just not meant to be used for a game with so much graphics)
2.) Greed (European version has prices like 20 times more than the Chinese version)
3.) Too much time required each day to do everything
4.) There are too many useless resources given out which we cant trade for something useful
5.) Lack of support

(Yes, there are bugs too, but those pale in comparison to the above 5 problems.)

I was happy to see lately that R2Games support service has improved greatly. Their response time is still week, but now they often understand the problem, and actually help. I hope it stays this way, I wanna play this game for long :)

About the other major problem, lag. My friend, Nono (who have quit the game, sadly) always kept saying he have less lag. He had a faster computer than mine, with more RAM. Still, he often had to refresh because he started to lag eventually. So I was always thinking, would a really good computer solve the lag problem? I never needed a faster computer for the other games I play, like Doomlord.

Some days ago, Wartune has posted a really good recharge event. 4400 adv. mahra, 4400 adv. sepulcrum, 300 beast soul, 3 rare mounts, hundreds of event chests and other goodies, and as usual, you get as much bound balens as much balens you purchased. There were only one problems: this pack "cost" 500 (five hundred) USD, plus VAT (which would be another 135 USD for me).

That's a lot of money in my country, and I still have a large proportion of the balen I purchased in February, so I don't really need balens. Also I knew when something is given in large amount as a recharge gift (ie. adv sepu and mahra) it usually means it will be totally free soon.

So I decided to do what I planned since a year, I bought a new computer for the same amount of money. A computer with a Intel i7 CPU and 16 GB RAM. And see the wonder. I have no lag whatsoever. Not even with 4 character active at once in different browsers. Not even with 8 participants in arena. Not even after the game has run for 3 hours. 

So here is the answer to the lag dilemma. The Chinese guys who develop Watune has very fast computers. They don't know what is your lag problem. So they will never fix it. So if you have lag problems, you better stop spending balens for a few months, and buy a new computer instead. It will improve your playing experience a LOT more than adding 2 stars to your sylph.


  1. If you say it like that, i could have bought 3 or 4 new computers by now ;-), but my char would suck.

    I did spend > 2k buying a new mac book pro, (not for gaming purposes). I did, however, test the game on my new laptop. Apple doesn't optimize flash. So while the game is faster than on my PC, it heats up a lot and causes the fan to be on all the time.

    My recommendation if you were going to buy a new computer for flash gaming, don't buy a mac.

  2. Miklos,
    can you please share your new non-laggy computer configuration in more detail?
    If desktop - what motherboard, cpu, graphics card you using?

    I am running wartune on 16GB Ram strong 4 core CPU too, but got APU unit without external graphics card and getting laggy after say each run, so my guess is its not only CPU and RAM but perhaps graphics card and chipset too? well, i would love to enjoy non-laggy playtime :-)

    if its notebook, just post its specific name/model.

    thank you very much,


  3. Miklos, any help with that computer configuration? what are you running that you have no lag? I plan to upgrade but dont want to make mistakes :-)
    thank you


    1. The desktop computer I run is Intel core i7-4790 CPU, 3.6GHz, with 16GB RAM. The motherboard is "Gigabyte HG7-D3H", I admit I did not even buy a video-card, I'm using the videocard integrated on the motherboard, it can handle 2 monitors. I'm using an SSD hard disk, and what might be important, I got this computer with Windows 10. I dont like new Win releases because they are usually bugged, but Win7 had many problems, memory leak with flash etc, it is possible that the situation improved in Win10 and it helped too. The 16GB RAM I think is a bit too much :) My friend who made this computer insisted, but I think 8 GB would be enough (memory usage is never above 5 GB with 3 account running).
      My previous computer was a Inter Core Quad Q9550, 2.83 GHz, it was a strong computer too, at least for other games: but at the end, even one Wartune instance was too laggy.
      So I think only the top of top can handle this game atm, but it does it flawlessly. Before you do a full hardware upgrade, you might expermient with add more RAM, and trying Windows10.

  4. thank you for repply.
    hmm, might be that Windows 10 did the trick, I might try that one first, though I am not happy with its spying features...but worth a test

  5. Hi Miklos....I took your advice and got the same computer you did. Worked awesome the first couple of days and now unplayable lag. What browser are you using and any suggestions about set up? Also what is your internet speed? Mine should be fine but maybe thats the problem.

    1. Hi! I have an average internet speed, 10MBit/sec, but Wartune doesn't need a high bandwidth, the problem must be something else. When you check system performance, what is CPU and RAM usage? Are you running other programs? I use Chrome, Mozilla and IE too, all work fine (in fact, they work at once if I run 3 chars).
      Please note, that since last patch, Wartune has caching problems: ie, Wartune is not using cache anymore. So every graphics gets reloaded every time. So you will often see just gray swirls instead of characters. But fight etc. still normal speed. For you, animation slows down?

  6. Yep. A lot of gray swirls. Didn't start that way though. Also slow loading times of MPDs and events. But action is fine for the most part. Using Firefox. Chrome and IE (or now Edge) have serious lag for me. That cache issue is a big deal.

    1. If the action is fast, then your computer is okay. Slow loading is their responsibility. Since they don't use cache, your client have to load all the data every time, and it takes a lot of sress on their servers. I have that problem too. World boss starts, I realize I forgot to rest eudaemon. Click on eudaemon panel - and it looooaaadddssss very slow while I curse :)

      In flash, the developer can set what content should be cached and what not. My theory is, they turn off caching after a patch for a while to make sure all changes are reloaded, and your browser is not using old cached data (Remember when I had snowy landcape even in July in a few browsers, others were ok). And, simply said, they forget to turn it back later on. I remember there was a major patch, like a year ago? We had the same problem. Take them like 5-6 months!!!! to turn back caching. That's how expert are the current fumblers who work on this once magnificent game :(